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    baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    I do know if this is considered an injury, but its definately a problem.

    I'm pretty new to jelqing, and I have gotten some modest gains in length and girth. But my problem is this: when I get hard, the lower portion of the shaft doesnt fill out with the rest of my penis, it stays flaccid while the rest gets firm. By the time I am "fully" erect the lower portion finally gets hard, but it is still skinnier than the rest. I put "fully" in quotes because my erections have been weaker than normal and I am worried that I have done something to damage the blood flow through the lower portion of my penis. I am not sure if the weaker erections are directly related to the jelqing, or if it is just a coincidence. Please tell me if you have any idea how to fix this problem. Thanks

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    Theirs nuthing to worry about here.
    You are simply not jelqing the shaft fully.

    You must be missing the part which is mis-sized alas some part is thicker than the other as you exercisesd that.

    Its a COMMON side-effect and can be cured easy with some time.

    Do your jelqs as usual, but MAKE SURE they start from the very pubic region right to below the head.
    Doing this will prevent it again.

    To cure will have to do spot training.
    Simply get a full erection.
    Torniquet / constrict around the base of the penis with a piece of thick string , cable clamp ...not too tight but firm.
    Now find this slim part.
    Simply get ones hand and grip infront and behind it and get alot of blood engorged into that it is like the rest of the shaft if you see what I mean??

    Hold this for 30 seconds and do it 10+ times as many times a day you wish but dont over-do hundreads of times LOL.

    Over time by spot training the area you will be encouraging that to get larger like the rest of the penis.

    tell me how it goes.
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    weaker erections at base


    I have the same problem. I would describe my erections very similarly to yours -- with an erection, the base of my shaft is softer than mid-shaft and below the glans. I am unsure if I have always been a little softer at the base of my shaft or if it is due to scarring or damage to my penis from moderately aggressive stretching and jelquing. I have been Penis Enlargement'ing off and on for almost 2 years with very modest, temporary gains to show for it. In fact, the quality of my erections has declined considerably from a few years ago. I'm currently 21. Do you have stretch marks at the base of your penis?

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    Re: baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    I think I have a 'baseball bat' effect of sorts going on as well. While my whole shaft is hard, it is noticeably bigger on the top half.

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    Re: baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    Quote Originally Posted by AncientChina
    I am too trying to get my base up to par with my midshaft size. The thing is I do jelq all the way starting at the absolute base, but the intensity of the blood is not as strong say if you are at midshaft and going up. I am sure there are exercises for bottom base girth gains.

    I think I will focus more on the other activities like stretching etc.. and do jelqing as a second fiddle, I too have noticed an increase in lower stretch marks, but I am using vitamin E/collagen/elastin to help prevent/aid that. jelqing can be a bit tough on the skin even with properly lube. I will try what red has advised also.
    AC have you been using vasoline at all. It really prevents that. Maybe in the jelq department you are applying more pressure as you go down the shaft??? Or maybe try DLD's girth/width bends or ATS rollers. It has helped my base girth increase. But I'm pretty much the same the whole way down.
    Can't hurt to try???

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    Re: baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    Quote Originally Posted by AncientChina
    shojii, thanks bro!

    It's funny that you mention that, I was using a some piss poor dollar store lotion, that I was unhappy with, and a few days ago I just ordered a nice big 13.oz bottle of Vaseline and plan to swith over completely, I learned that after I posted that question asking about lube, that I was lacking behind. No need for short cuts plus vaseline is so cheap, I just didn't want to go around buying it knowing it has a big sterotype as being for jacking off.

    I will be trying to the DLD Bends etc... and start to target girth as my natural and current girth is at 5.5" I pretty much was doing quick jelqs to get that last .5" inch length to hit a solid 8" at the time, not much time at all either.

    Thanks for the tips shojii, I and I am sure many guys feel that a solid base girth equal to atleast to upper is always best visually and physically for a solid unit.
    lol..............You gotta have a solid support for all the new growth. A bigger base will keep the bad boy up and running

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    Re: baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    Erection problem is a common issue. It can be treated.

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    Re: baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    Reverse trapped jelq will heal this...ive had the same problem and ive been doing this exercise for a week and already notice harder more "UP" erections and the shaft is starting to even out too.

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    Re: baseball bat effect, weaker erections

    my erection is not rigid....right from anus to prepuce...lower part is always soft...I even can't lift my penis when not erected

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