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    Loose skin on penishead

    Hallo gentlemen,
    I have a rather unique problem with my penis, at least I couldn't really find much of an similar case in the net. My problem is this:
    about an year ago, I had a pretty innoucent zipper injury. After taking a pie, I was in a rush and the right "lip" of the penistip, where the ureatha opening is, got stuck on one of the metalteeth, which kind of draw it out a little bit. Whatever, this skin didnt break or bleed, it just hurt and felt kinda sore.
    After 2 weeks my penistip still hurt and felt painful to touch, so I decided to start massaging my penis everyday, because I thought increased bloodflow might not hurt.

    Everyday I warmed up my penis, applied lotion and massaged it, I just tried to massage it to increase the bloodflow. I also often massaged the glans and tried to engorge it, because thats were the injury was. For a week that felt good and I felt like my problem became better, but suddenly one morning I woke up without an erection and my penis felt very soft and light, had lost sensation and touching anything (like my boxershorts) felt irritating.

    I struggled many month recollecting if all this problem came from the initial injury, from my Penis Exercises or something else, but after some time it got a little better.

    Still until today I feel like something has changed to the worse. I still get erections, I can ejaculate, but I feel like I have some damage on my glans.

    The skin on the Penishead now feels kind of loose, its not as tight as before. Before I could not really tell the difference between the inner tissue and the skin on the glans. Now when I put my finger on it and move it, I can clearly feel the skin moving back and forth a little. Especially at the right side of the penistip the skin feels like it got detached from the tissue, the "lip" of the penistip easily bends to the site when you touch it with a finger, which urts because the "inner skin of the uthera is very sensetive. Before my penishead and the tip felt more tight, solid, more defined.
    Also sometimes it hurts when the tip touches something now and often after ejaculation the penishead hurts a little.
    Since then also my penishead feels more dry, at least I never get my dick in a pussy, without making my penishead with salvia/gel. It feels dry/sticky and wouldn't go in.

    5 urologists and 3 dermatologists could not find a thing and tell me everything is fine. But I am really frustrated: Sports, sex, sometimes just walking is a little painful and not the same anymore.

    Any ideas what I could do about this? Is there anyway to make my penis, especially the head stronger, more resilient and the skin "normal" again?
    Anyone else experienced looser skin on the penishead after an injury/overexercising?

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    Re: Loose skin on penishead

    Quick addon:
    Here are two gentlemens cases I found on the web, that have similar problems with loose skin at the penistip:

    Not exactly the same problem, but maybe this also helps to better understand what I am talking about.

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    Re: Loose skin on penishead

    Hallo gentlemen,
    I am still having the same problem and its getting worse... the skin around the tip of my penis was originially very tight and just normal, but its getting more and more loose. It looks weird, it feels strange and makes me very anxious. It also hurts if it rubs against my trouser or during sex.

    Can the skin on the penishead regenerate? If it would brake would the skin grow back? I am just so paranoid now, that I brake the skin, because its becoming loose and always hurts and looks weird and deformed, when I get out of my pants. Its almost like the skin of a bubble you have on your toe/finger, after the air went out, like a patch of loose skin that has no rigidy at all and is easily moved around, only attached to the underlying tissue at the edges. but very its loose, there is room between the tissue and the skin.

    It drives me crazy. Anybody else expierienced that problem?
    Or at least someone who can comfort me in any way? What if the skin would brake or the hole on the penistip would rip open downwards, can the skin of the penistip regenerate?

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    Re: Loose skin on penishead

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