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    idiot penile injury - crushed between thighs.

    Hi all, hope someone can give me an idea of what is really going in.

    Some weeks ago I changed the grip of my penis to stimulate the glans head more during masturbation but I dont think it has ever caused me major issues. At then end of July I suffered a major fall on my tailbone, and I started to lose sensation of hunger. I went to the gym and did the farmers' walk, which may have caused vertebrae compression as well as I was holding a considerable weight. Some time later, my penis began to lose sensation in the head. Orgasms started to lose their pleasure and the penis started to go numb.

    One day I decided to 'try' the penis again and to my horror there was no pleasure at all when I rubbed it. I was able to have a full erection then. The horror of loss of pleasure at all put me into panic. I then tried to put it between my thighs and stimulate contact, no feeling and no pleasure. In that moment I really freaked out and decided to compress the penis in a manner of strength that I know WILL CAUSE PAIN. No pain, and I continued in that manner for a few more times until I started to lose my erection. Even when at its flaccid state, I still continued to compress it in the same manner of force. Somehow though, I managed to climax but again no pleasure from orgasm and very little ejaculate. After some examination, I found spermatocele in my scrotum.

    No blue-black, no bloody discharge, no sign of penile fracture. Trauma was focused at the penis glans.

    Looking back, I totally lost it then, the horror of not having pleasure at all and thinking that from then on sex would only be a mechanical motion for me.

    From that incident on, I lost my penile erection for 2 weeks. Now whenever I erect, my penis does not stand anymore. It only gets only fat for a while before it is lost. And hand stimulation does not get it up, only erotic thoughts do. I must point out that the width of the penis when fat is very much wider than before.

    and I have hard flaccid.

    guys, do u think it is a spinal issue or a penile issue? the fact that the penile could get fat at all means that the structures are not completely destroyed but I can't get any reflex erection, ie stimulation does not wake it. I get the occasionally morning erection but they usually dont last at all. I think the repeated trauma may have caused neurapraxia in the glans.

    I have been going to doctors and I just had a mri scan of the spine, results pending on friday.

    I have never engaged in Penis Enlargement exercises.

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    Re: idiot penile injury - crushed between thighs.

    Having the doctor run some tests is not a bad idea. From what you have said, the trauma was centered at the head of the penis, this is where many of the nerve endings are for the penis, this is why the head is so sensitive while the shaft has much less feelings. You may have suffered some nerve damage at the glans. This, although very scary, is not permanent and can be repaired through penis enlargement. The nerve endings are the endings, but there is more nerve below the surface. As time goes on these nerve endings will surface and all feelings will return. The doctor may have more advice but as far as I am concerned, general pe will help speed this process. Let us wait to hear what the doctor has to say.
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