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    So annoying I think I may need to rest?

    So about a month or so ago I started bleeding a little from too aggressively jelquing so I took off a couple of days and lowered the intensity when I restarted then about a week ago I was clamping and got another drop of blood so I took another couple of days off and just now I did a 30sec straight down manual stretch and again blood again so I'm thinking I need this thing to properly heal to go away because I keep re-opening it, it's so frustrating trying to stick to a routine but your body keeps fighting you and I'm worried taking off a couple of weeks will set me back months.

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    Re: So annoying I think I may need to rest?

    Try different bundle stretches while you're healing, i have this problem and every now and then i get a tiny bit of blood but its usually from having too much blood in the head and/or improper grip while doing manual stretches

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    Re: So annoying I think I may need to rest?

    Coming to think of it the way I gripped this time there was probably more pressure at the top and bottom rather than the sides so you're probably right I need to change my grip a little

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    Re: So annoying I think I may need to rest?

    Clamping can cause this to happen repeatedly if proper caution is not used. If there is blood coming from the penis you have a rip in the uretra and you will need to rest for that to heal. 3-4 days should be sufficient.
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