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Thread: Non PE injury

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    Non PE injury

    Hey guys love the site and DLD, gained great size from here especially girth.

    I reccently got in to noFap though. Still would do my exercise but wouldn't finish if edging was involved.

    Well the NoFap got to be a bit too much and in some sexual frustration I humped the bed. Hard.

    I knew a split second before it happened I was in trouble but I did it any way, humped my dick at a downward angle , wreaking the base, and also spraining it in 3 different places on top of that.

    No insurance but went to the ER. Doc wasn't too worried said if it was a break their would be blood and brusted blood vessels and brusing even into my groin which wasn't there. Flaccid it just looks hard and turtled mostly.

    but since this I haven't felt the same. It was 2 months plus 12 days ago.

    Basicly walked with a limp for awhile. So I'm trying to articulate that not only did it hurt the penis but all the muscle behind it too.

    Right now total penis numbess and coldness ,strong Ed symptoms , bends in my penis now when erect(only after hardcore porn)
    cant flex kegal muscle , hole like feeling behind penis, chills, low Labido, low dopamine , low vitamin b, lower testerone when it was amazing before

    not sure what to say

    I tweeted DLD and he said to put heat on it. For once second I felt normal almost through my whole body and my flaccid got a healthy plump to it but that never repeated

    I'm asking for help because I've been celibate and doing PE for 4 years and I think I lost it all

    please and thanks

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    Re: Non PE injury

    You have no lost it all, that would be a very terrible thing. You do have some issues that will need to be addressed. You have stated that you are able to get erect so we know there is no 'physical' impotence. 'Mental' impotence is very different and it is usually an obsessive issue, we think a certain way and the results are as we thought. This would resolve itself eventually when the obsession proves to be wrong. In your case it is continuing and for good reasons that will need to be addressed by a urologist. In your sexual activity it sounds like you may have caused a break in the Tunica, this is called Peyronie's Disease. This is not the best news but it is in no way permanent. One of the first men I worked with when I started MOS had Peyronies so bad that his penis, when erect, had a bend that made it impossible to have sex. We worked together on exercises that would help and eventually there was complete success. He started PE with a bend that caused his measurement to be just above 4" but after about a year of work he was at 7" with a straight penis. His name is German_Stallion and he sometimes comes through but I would not wait, I would look at his threads and learn how to treat this. Of course we are here to help you through it all but the first place to start is going to the urologist and making sure it is a break we are dealing with.

    I have been celibate for 9 years now, I have never felt like i lost it. Trust us, see the doctor, get a definite diagnosis and let us work from there. With your dedication we can straighten it all out.

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