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    Roasted penis and other stuff

    Hi in this thread I will talk about what I think of discoloration and streach marks on the head and other stuff.
    First let me saw that I am a newb and my first language is not english so sorry about that,I am not trying to be the "know it all" just wanted to share what seems to be working for me.

    Second let me tell you a bit about myself,I always had low self steem about stuff concernig sex because I had a small penis,it was about 12 cm I think,besides I have pearly penile papules,but its not like those pics that you see on the net,mine is way better than that, in fact there are only 4 bumps that worry me.

    So eventually I bought a Bathmate and a male edge extender,both were/are great,just the male edge broke because its plastic and maybe because I pushed too far,but still works,the design is perfect,but I made a mistake in making those as the main thing in my routine.

    After 3 months I gained 0.5 cm,I got really happy, after that I continued upping the intensity as I thought that I could handle,the results were uneven dicoloration,like big gray spots where damaged broken capillaries would be after my routine and streach marks on my head,this lowered my self steem a lot,I took a break,I massaged and tried a lot of stuff.
    What really worked was to massage my penis when I was erect and with my nail,yes kinda like when you are scratching and in any way that you can think of,under the warm shower water it is hard and takes time but this was the best thing for gray spots,later I also bought an eye cream and hydrocortizone as recommended here the discoloration is 99% gone,the rest doesnt bother me.

    Now I had to get back to exercising,but I couldnt go back to the way I was doing,so I dont know why I decided that manual work would be the main thing,Bathmate and the extended would be the support.

    So now one day is girth and the other is lenght.
    On girth I warm up under the shower,do kegels, Bathmate,BUT I only do it lightly for exemple,my penis is 13 cm or 13.5cm now,I only use the Bathmate until it reaches to between 13 cm - 14cm for 10 min. and 100 jelqs,Bathmate 10 min. and 100 jelqs,I havent got a single mark after, in fact on the days after my penis looks lighter,I think the penis isnt ready to be pushed too much over its size,would you bench 150 kg if you can only handle 100 kg?
    You have to build it up to 150kg,the way to do with the penis is by using the Bathmate until you are near your size when erect.

    Now lenght I warm up under the shower,kegels,do 2 sets of streaches and then put the extender as a SUPPORT not the work out,but the extender isnt pulled all the way up,its only until my head can take it,it isnt smashed or stressed in anyway,when you do this its easier to attain the head swell,but it will be lower than when you use to the max,what this helped me with is streach marks on the head,they look much better now.

    Anyway this is what helped me so far,thanks and sorry for the long post.
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