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    Permanent glans discoloration after stretching


    I just started stretching with an extender again after several years off. After having stretched for a few hours a day for a few weeks, my penis glans has got slightly discolored on the ventral side where the extender straps meet. The color is blue and yellowish, in contrast to a pinkish color on the rest of the glans. After a two week break, the discoloration is still there. When I think back, I believe that I experienced a similar discoloration a few years ago when I was stretching actively, but I guess it got better after a period since I took notice of a discoloration now again.

    I am a bit worried that the discoloration is harmful, since I believe it comes from a lack of blood flow in that part of the glans. When stretching, that part is the one that seems to have the highest tendency to become cold and numb. I am however careful not to wear the extender to long without taking a break and getting some new blood and warmth into the penis, and the rest of the glans feels and looks OK during and after stretching.

    Thankful for stories of similar experiences, tips and solutions.

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    Re: Permanent glans discoloration after stretching

    Try to avoid numbness, I used to just sling my extender on and forget about it, then I started to see the discoloration, and once I addressed the intensity, focus, and timing, I managed to adjust pretty well without any continuation or worsening of discoloration. Give it more time to heal and don't go too intense until then. Extenders re great when given focus and keeping close attention to blood flow, but it sounds like you're doing all that, so no worries just be frugal and prudent with your extending.

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