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    Traction approach: pulling towards tip versus pulling towards base

    I have been thinking about which portion of the skin is put under stress in hopes of having the cells divide.

    If we pull the skin away from our base and towards the tip, it seems like this would put the stress upon the base, which is the type of skin that is thick and less sensitive and grows hairs on it. From what I have read, those of us who are circumcised already have more of this skin than usual due to it compensating for the lost part on the end.

    So I was thinking, wouldn't it be bad to do this and ultimately just make some hair skin you'd have to keep shaving? Unless you had a girlfriend who likes to roleplay you being the beast or something...

    But anyway, I was thinking, since what we have lost is the thin hairless more sensitive skin near the tip, perhaps we should pull away from the tip and towards the base? This would focus the traction and stretching-stress towards the skin on the upper shaft and perhaps get more of it?

    The only thing is obviously if you do that, the penis can collapse, unlike pulling away.

    The solution I have found for this is: pull the skin back when you have an erection (this also makes it easier because it gets pre-stretched).

    If it's not a full erection and still starts to bend or flop under the pressure: I think it works if you use 1 hand to hold the base of the head and pull that away from you gently (not enough to stretch, perhaps slightly is okay, just enough to prevent collapse) and having stabilized it, then use the other hand to pull it away.

    I am afraid of and can't afford devices and the moment, and also I am concerned that most devices do the undesirable former form of traction. I don't know of any which do this latter form I am describing.

    Another thing I am wondering: are there any healthy creams or oils I could massage into the skin for health? I am concerned about the health of it and drying out and stuff and feeding it nutrients to fuel dividing cells.

    Another thing I am wondering is, I don't find manual masturbation to be stimulating enough to climax. I am trying to learn how to do this, so I will get out of the habit of doing it prone via high pressure which I read on HealthyStrokes could be potentially damaging. It has left me paranoid so to be safe I figure it couldn't hurt to do it like most people do it.

    Simply tugging the head away from the body and straightening it out and trying to pull the limited amount of skin away from it and leave it taught is something stimulating and eventually normally leads to at least a semi-erection which makes doing it easier. I wonder since doing this traction is incredibly boring if there is a way to combine other forms of training (like how people build to climax but hold back from ejaculation) or something like that so that I can multi-task and it will be less boring and there will be more benefits.

    I'm also wondering, does the traction of pulling the head away while I pull the skin back possibly create incentive for it to lengthen? Or conversely, could I be damaging the glands? I'm not sure.

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    Re: Traction approach: pulling towards tip versus pulling towards base

    There are so many non-starter "concepts" in here it's impossible to address them all.

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    Re: Traction approach: pulling towards tip versus pulling towards base

    ill let you know in a few years if it works . since this is how i am doing it . Why? my train of thought is by pulling it back from the head it will stretch only the skin above the scar line (the part i think is what i want)
    and while doing this it will stretch but also keep it tight unlike many other methods that pull out and over the head or other objects which seem to expand the width and thus keeping it loose?
    Down side is keeping continued pressure as of now i can only do it manually but i am trying to figure out a way to do this with some sort of slip on device that can maintain the stretch for a few hours.

    can not tell you if either way is better then the other though.
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    Re: Traction approach: pulling towards tip versus pulling towards base

    I think it is unavoidable to get good gains and hair stretched up the shaft toward the head as Im getting abit of this but Im gaining length
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    Re: Traction approach: pulling towards tip versus pulling towards base

    Sorry to Zombie a thread, but it's really quiet in here.

    This theory works hands free as the Reverse Tension Method by Nakemon. Basically it uses a ring of something like pipe insulation over shaft, then roll the foreskin over the ring, secure with tape if needed.

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    Re: Traction approach: pulling towards tip versus pulling towards base

    It is important to cover all parts of the shaft including high pulls and expressive pulls and everything in between, leave out one area and you may be missing out on some serious gains.
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