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    Horrors of circumcision. Benefits of uncut, tantric sex and G spot 8000 years B.C.

    G spot was taken from Indian Tantra texts by a German Jew by the name of Ernst Gräfenberg. The texts were provided to him by Rothschild , the German Jew owner of British East india company who ruled India.

    The G spot is a rippled tissue located just behind the front wall of the vagina (towards the belly), about two inches inside. The G spot is short for Grafenberg or, in Tantric circles, for Goddess.

    Stroking this area can greatly deepen a woman’s sexual response. The foreskin tip gives a static electric charge to the G spot.

    A tantra orgasm can go on for a long, long time. Throughout this period, the mind stays completely in the moment, and so the moment literally seems endless.

    Men who do Tantra sex will never have prostrate gland problems. All real tantrics know how to raise the Kundalini just by an act of controlled sex .

    The foreskin works to retain lubrication during intercourse by bunching up at the vagina’s entrance. It acts as a dam to block lubrication from escaping. This bunching-up action of the foreskin also provides a delicate pressuring that excites the woman’s G spot, helping her to achieve vaginal orgasm.

    A Tantric orgasm is a full body energy experience. G-spot stimulation is one way to access Tantric orgasms. The G-spot (Grafenberg spot) is a small, lima bean-shaped area on the upper side of the vaginal wall (tummy side), approximately 2.5 inches. This spot feels different in texture than the rest of the vagina. It is spongy and
    When the G-spot is manually stimulated, usually through hard pushing or constant rubbing, it causes intense orgasmic feelings that most women say exceeds a normal orgasmic response. I am talking about an electric charge here -- if you know what I mean.

    Blood rushes to the G-spot just as it does to the clitoris during sexual excitement. Therefore, any sexual position which maximizes pressure to this area increases the chance for a G-spot orgasm. Tantric sex is meant both to enhance the physical sensations and to transform them into a vehicle for blissful insight.

    The penis foreskin is highly erogenous tissue. It contains 20,000 – 40,000 touch-sensitive nerves that produce exquisite feelings of pleasure. Circumcision removes most, or all, of these highly erogenous touch-sensitive nerves. Cut off. Stripped away. Gone forever

    Vatsyayana based the Kama Sutra off of the Kama Shastras which was written sometime around 2300 BC . Making love and having sex is considered an art by the creator of the Kama Sutra.

    Kama Sutra is basically a guide on human sexuality and gives you instructions on how to get a wife, how to make love, how to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex, and much more.

    When you are more comfortable with yourself sexually and you actually sought out sexual pleasures then your life will be more well-rounded and balanced. The Kama Sutra teaches you what the other person’s needs are (physically and mentally) and how to fulfill them!

    Setting the mood for a good evening, ensuring that you are properly prepared (showered, shaved, annointed etc), using sensual touches, and some of the techniques that the Kama Sutra teaches.

    Sex is human electromagnetism and scalar fields. We are NOT animals.

    In Vamachara Tantra there is NIL roughness-- it is poetry in sex-- gentle, intimate, loving, prolonged , timeless--

    Tantra sex goes on for hours without ejaculation—it is divine and revitalizing..

    To avoid "premature ejaculation" (by Tantric standards), the man presses his tongue against the roof of his mouth and tickles it , and sucks in his breath. Then he will not ejaculate and the semen will ascend inward on its own account.

    This breed of Vamachara Tantrics is now dead, as Soma ( an organic herb thousand times more potent than LSD ) which is mentioned in Rig Veda of 5000 BC, is NOT available any more. This is NOT Western hedonism.

    The foreskin acts as a natural gliding mechanism to reduce friction, chafing, and dryness during intercourse. Because of the foreskin’s unique gliding mechanism, sex is less abrasive to the vaginal walls of the female. Many women have commented that sex is much more comfortable when the man has a natural, intact penis.
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    Re: Horrors of circumcision. Benefits of uncut, tantric sex and G spot 8000 years B.C

    Very deep information, thanks for your research.

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