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    Age-related testicular sagging......mature gentlemen please respond!

    I wasn't too sure as to where I should post this tread but I thought I'd go with the Senior Penis Enlargement'ers forum as this is probably the main audience I am looking for feedback from on this particular issue (although feedback from everybody is welcome!).

    My question is to do with testicular sagging, and specifically any possible increases with age. I have a relatively tight testicular sack and as such I have been doing DLD's testicle health massage/stretch to try and improve the way it all hangs. However, I have a few concerns regarding the long-term state of my testicles. I am now asking the older gentlemen amongst the readers here: roughly how much (if any) increase in the hang of your testicles have you, yourselves experienced over time? Please note: I'm referring to NATURAL increases with time, NOT any increases that may have been caused by the testicle health/stretch parts of your Penis Enlargement routines (so for the more mature Penis Enlargement'ers, I'm referring to age-related increases you may have noticed BEFORE starting your Penis Enlargement routines). My main concern is that I end up stretching a little too much......I don't want to end up with some serious sagging in 30 years time as a result of my over-enthusiastic stretching now!

    Thank You for reading , gentlemen. I look forward to your replies!

    kind regards,

    makemineadong (age: 25 and a bit)

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    Re: Age-related testicular sagging......mature gentlemen please respond!

    Hi Young One!!

    I guess I'm a good candidate for an answer to your questions, since I'm twice your age and then some. Before I started P.E. the only thing that hung down a lot was my dick and even that was pretty tight against my scrotum. My balls never hung very low, although I have a pretty large package, (they tell me). I do see some of these really old guys at the gym, maybe twenty years older than I am, (probably in their 80's) whose balls hang half way to their knees.

    My gut feeling is that P.E., even stretching your sac, will not result in a ball sac hanging half way to your knees when you get to my age and beyond.

    Here's why. You are stengthening ALL your muscles, pelvic, and otherwise, as you practice P.E. These muscles are what hold your "package" in place. If anything, the results of long-term P.E., come old age, (whatever that means), should probably be the opposite of your fear or concern.

    Another guy to ask is Motlisoff, since he's older and has been at it for quite some time--longer than I have by quite a bit. Address your question to him in his thread, "Stretching to a Really Long Dick", or something like this. You'll find it on the first page of the "Routines and Progress" thread.

    He stops by every once in a while to answer questions. Yours is a great one for him.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    Re: Age-related testicular sagging......mature gentlemen please respond!

    Thanks for the reply there, Goin'......much appreciated! I'll see if I can find that other thread and post this question on there too.

    Any other guys out there who have a viewpoint on this issue? Keep the replies coming!

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    Re: Age-related testicular sagging......mature gentlemen please respond!

    I'm 66 and my sack is still where is has always been, it has not sagged.
    The sack relaxes and tightens up depending on the testicles need for heat or to cool down.
    I have always had them swinging free so they didn't need to go far to cool down, so that may be why.

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    Re: Age-related testicular sagging......mature gentlemen please respond!

    this is something i wondered too,

    im 32, and have been Penis Enlargementing for about 4 years on and off, (more off than anything) but still made good gains. i was doing the stretching routine for a bit then stopped for the same reason. I think i may have seen some extra hang, but that was from hte strechting it self.

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