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    prostate cancer radiation shortens penis

    The following is something that should be kept as a reference.

    Two years ago I had prostate cancer and went in for a 10 week or so external beam radiation treatment. I had noticed that there was some mention - pubMed maybe? - about some effect on penis length with this treatment. Also, of course, there was the possibility of changes in sexual function and desire.

    During the year after the treatment I did sense that my penis was shorter, but my fat pad had grown since I last measured seriously, to the extent that I even distrusted getting to the bone between the penis and the fat. Life has been rally shitty during this time also, but that is a totally different story. My sense was that I had lost about a 1/4".

    Last week I went researching about prostate shrinkage from radiation treatment such as I had had. It turns out that it is well known and has been documented by clinical scanning measurement. They were not doing this because they were concerned about penis length, but rather having to do with actually hitting the prostate (and as little else as could be managed) to cure the cancer.

    Anyway, the volume change in the prostate turns out to be 28% on average. Given the average starting and finishing volumes, I was able to approximate the length change of the urethra where it passes through the prostate. Assuming that the prostate shortens the urethra of course.

    The average reduction in penis length due to external beam radiation on the prostate can be estimated as 1/4".

    There was in my case some reduction in libido, but from what I don't know. Otherwise my stuff still works at 65 years old, with a slight reduction in volume and the white color. The white being supplied by the prostate, and since the prostate gets pretty fried in the process, I am lucky that everything else works.

    I would like to point out that of all the pills that I have tried in order to maintain my libido, Maca is the one that works for me. "Whole World Botanicals" brand, 1,500 to 2,000 mg. per day. If I stop, I am not so interested. Start back up (without much doing without) and within a day I am a great deal more interested.

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    Re: prostate cancer radiation shortens penis

    My family has a history of prostate cancer. Fortunately, I have taken steps, researched this issue to the extreme and found that prevention is the best measure.
    I'm glad that you are taking steps as well. Size is affected by this, yes. But that doesn't mean we can't live well! The radiation is the route source of the reduction. However, it isn't the immediate cause. Recently, researchers have found that it is in the "lack of blood flow" to the area. Erections may be scarcer as age progresses and it has been determined that the lack of blood flow reveals a "lessened" erection. Radiation not only kills cancerous tissue, but also decreases the bloodflow which also prevents further growth. Fortunately, manual penis enlargement techniques have also been researched in regards to how this affects those with prostate issues and the unfortunate castration. Pumping and jelqing were of the methods I recall on the short list. Those who were active had no issue when it came to shrinkage. And those who introduced Penis Enlargement into their lives were found to have defied the statistics.
    I hope anyone with a history of prostate issues sees that informing is the key to good health. By knowing more is combating prostate issues. I wish you luck!
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