Forum Signatures Build Backlinks - Helping Your Search Rankings

There are several ways to build backlinks. We've discussed directory suBathmateissions, article suBathmateission, and press releases. The next simple, easy, and free way to get a backlink (and some free traffic, to boot) is in your forum signature tagline.

Forums that get indexed in the search engines create individual pages for each thread--turning your hyperlinked signature tag into a backlink.

If you're a member of any forums throughout the Internet, fantastic! They're usually very informative and helpful. If you're not forum member, find one that interests you and join.

Most forums allow a user to add a signature tagline to their posts. In the memberís area of most forums, you can edit, add and create a forum signature--generally consisting of up to 255 characters.
Old news to some of us, but if most of us added:

[U RL=""]Penis Enlargement[/U RL] AND

[U RL=""]Penis Enlargement Forum[/U RL]


to our signature lines, it would help the main site and this forum list higher in search engines. Higher listings in search engines means more people see our site before the other guys' sites. We're the best, and men need the info we have to offer. Also, the more members, the more revenue. That keeps this place running, and growing, and ahead of the game as a result.