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    New Years Resolution

    Hey its me Longstretch. New Name Same Great Taste! Its a new year right around the corner and its usually days like this (New Year's, Birthdays,near death experiences, castrophic events) when you start asking yourself what do you really want from life and what do you want from yourself.

    For the true reward is not in what you get from actually achieving your goals but what working for them will make of yourself! The work you put in will forge your character. So set your sights high.

    Making your goals public have been shown to help because it makes other people aware of your best intentions and you will feel more pressure not to quit. I think it would be cool to post here of what your New Year's Resolution/Life Goals are. Its both public and anonymous.

    My Goals
    1. I see myself breathing easier, walking with greater stride and vigor. I feel the power of my body and my muscles feel loose because I work out with heavy weights (5x5) 3 days a week and go running/Parkour for at least 2 days a week. I stretch using Pavel Tsatsouline's techniques every day. By March 31, 2011 I have gained 10 pounds of solid striated muscle tissue and I am at 10% bodyfat

    2. I meditate while looking into the flame of a candle every morning after breakfast for 10 minutes, increasing the amount of time 1 minute per week until I am at 30 minutes by May 28, 2011

    3. I play guitar every evening for at least 15-30 minutes (once in the habit it will be more as I get into rocking out again). I do a 5 minute warm-up, followed by perfecting my technique for 10-20 minutes and will use the last minutes to learn a new song. I play Dream On all the way through and the intro's to Stairway to Heaven and Hells Bells by April 30, 2011. By this time I also know the major scale shapes and can play them efficiently at 40 beats per minute.

    4. I am tobacco free for one month by January 31, 2011. I am tobacco free for one year by December 31, 2011. (I picked up dipping while in nursing school and quit but then bum cigarettes from my brothers and friends) I will remind myself of the nastiness of these habits, what I stand to lose by continuing and what I stand to gain/keep by quitting. If I'm feeling the craving strongly I will look at the dip bottle I kept from my last can (spit in one bottle and kept it, its like an aversion therapy) if need be open it. I will keep plenty of gum and hard candy around to replace the oral fixation of the tobacco.

    5. I spend no more than 2 hours per day online. I have a goals checklist for this, no use of tobacco, guitar playing and working out. For each week that I'm successful I will pick out one movie that I want to see or haven't seen and watch it.

    6. I read at least 30 minutes per day (I'm aiming for 1 hour) in one book on my reading list. My goal is to get through 1 book (200-300 pages) every 2 weeks while highlighting, underlining and taking notes.

    7. I wake-up at 5:30 am every morning to start my day. By June 1, 2011 I have started orientation at one of the hospitals I want to work at as a nurse.

    And thats it for now. I have my first action steps planned out and how I will get back on track if I get off course. More will come but these are the habits I want to create first.

    Now you're turn. What do you want from your life? What things will help you live a more fulfilled life? It don't have to be hard. Whats your first couple of steps to make more of yourself and forge a happier life?

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    Re: New Years Resolution

    This was written with perfect manifestation power! I love how you have made the goals as already done, this puts your mind in the winners circle before the race even starts, extremely intelligent. In creation there are 3 steps to manifestation, 1. Ask for what you desire, 2. act as if it has already happened, 3. Allow it to come....the way you have written this resolution encapsulates all 3 steps. I already know you have done this, now allow it to come!

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    Re: New Years Resolution

    This is going to be the best year ever!! I'm pretty sure Ill be waiting here until the next life. This was the longest month of December, OF MY LIFE! I cant wait to post my list of reviews! I will say if there was anybody you were ever going to help give the administrators a call. U can motorboat all day and night.
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