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    Been a while since I was on here

    Suffered from extremely low testerone. tried shots, tried implants and axiron, never got over 400. Normal range is 300 - 1000 free testerone in the blood. I have a certified genious for a DR. Started a regime of treatment for low T. I'm now 52 yrs old.

    Dr started me out with shots of HCG that a pharmacist compounds for him, twice a week. Took estrogen suppressing drug (T can be converted/stored as estrogen) that is for breast cancer patients and instean of 200 units of T once every two weeks, I take 75 units once a week. My T levels are well over 1000 (was 1600 at one time). NO ED issues, lost weight . Balls ache some times when I go more that 4 days without sex, the HCG stimulates testicular growth and function.
    Start Dec 2010
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    JUNE 2011
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    Mid Girth - 5.9"
    Under Head Girth - 5.3

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    Re: Been a while since I was on here

    Hey man, glad to hear your HRT is going well. If you ever need any input or advice let me know, I'm somewhat of a guru when it comes to hormones, especially HRT/TRT.

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