Since August 1 2009 I added hanging to my routine. Since I could not afford to buy a bib hanger, I went to home depot to see what I could use to make a homemade hanger. When searching through the plumbing section I found a contraption called a pipe repair clamp and immediately realized that it could be used as a hanger by its self. The device cost only 5 dollars plus tax. The pipe repair clamp has a bolt that closes the clamp and a lug nut on the bolt that tightens the Pipe repair clamp as much as you want it. It’s very easy to put on and take off and is extremely comfortable. After wrapping my dick with some cloth and ace bandage I have two pieces of rope looped in the pipe repair clamp aka hanger and then I put it on. The other side of the two loops are looped in a hook which is connected to another rope with a weight of your choosing hooked to the end of it.

I don't think I am aloud to post pics in this section so I have posted some pics of my homemade hanger in use in my picture thread called (kingsnake back with a vengance with brand new gains and comparisons). You can also see pics of the gains that I have made from the help of my new hanger on page 3 of my picture thread.