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Who is Biggs dicks

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As you read I am smoking a joint...
I should be getting ready for work.....
Well I'm. 22 I matured into a man with a 6 x5 penis by the time I was 16 and started pe maybe two years ago. I also have peonies because when I was hitting puberty at 9 I would tuck my dick to the sick under my leg so girls wouldnt laugh at my small erection lmao.

Since I stated I've noticed how much my penis has come out I started a relationship with someone but moving into their parents house made it impossible to pe .so now that we haveourownplace, the only things topping me is going to work...

Today I look back at a month ago when I started pe really serious and really gladly because gained 1/2 a damn inch in one month and it was only for maybe 5 hours maybe every 5 or 6 days a week with little wrapping out side of the extender process.

This time I am seriously for real developing a nice routine that will keep me on point to maybe a 9 x6 by November with the DLD inch in the month ....
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