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6 days later

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I'm here again on this super cool website.
Since the fifteen I've taken a two day break and been trying out the bathmate.

I like it a lot is a whole lot better than using a big ol plastic jar of honey roated peanuts

What's funny is right when Im about to get the order through the mail this very website offers a deal where I could have saved almost 55 bucks

o well that's what hard work is for lol

Well I start off today by sitting my PC muscle on a hot sock while I read some xxxblogs for a while
Then stretch in the extender for a couple hours and then get ready for some fancy birthday party...

On 3/16/2012
9 hours of penis wrapping
3 hours of extended stretch
1 hour of manual extending
.5 hour of edge

On 3/17/2012
17 hours penis wrapping

On 3/19/2012
5 hours of penis wrapping
20 minutes of bathemate

On 3/20/2012
9 hours of penis wrapping
1.5 hours of extended stretch
1 hour of manual stretch
20 minutes of bath mate

The way I wrap is with a thick baby wipe
Then with some self sticking gauze tape
Then with a normal stretching gauze tape with the metal pin holder

Imagine if I went through airport security....

Well I kind of have a cold now so I'll. Probably be back, with my results sincei measure evry two weeks only, when I get better
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