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DLD BathMate Girth Blasters (full routine)

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that was a PM I got, wanna shre with you guys...

I'm 4.7 ish - inches in girth, can you help me with bathmate

Hey man

I was just wandering...

How long does it take you from the moment you put the bathmate on you, clamp and put a cock ring on etc. to the moment you fuck your wife?

If I were to do the bathmate, and use exercises as well, switching between them every 5 minutes for a whole 20 minutes, and then fuck a girl with a cockring on, 1. How big do you think I will get? 2. How long will it stay that size for? 3. How long will it be big for (during intercourse)?

Can you teach me the BEST way to deal with this for a night out at the club before bringing a girl home?
i.e What's the best routine I could do to get ridiculously huge temp girth gains, and maintain this for 6 hours? Will I need to wear a cockring in the club or something? What if it slips off? ahaha.

Thank you

I really am dying for your help man, life is not as happy with a 4.7 inch girth.


I feel your pain son, let me teach you about the dark side of the force.. (evil laugh... ) lol just kidding... first let me tell you I am not THE bathmate authority, but I can share what I've been doing based on my past vacuum pump experience. about 9 months ago I was barely 5" in girth by just under 6" lenght. I do dld hand stretches and jelquing almost everyday and pump 3-5 days a week, now with the bathmate I use it pretty much everyday for about 20 min in the shower. my girth now is about 5 5/8 and it will go past 6 1/2 pumped. you probably won't get that much expansion on your first times but let me tell you how I do it. again, this is what works for me, there are many other good routines on this site...

1- warm up with a heat pad doing dld hand stretches for 5-10 min
2- keep a good erection as you enter the BM and during the sets, porn and viagra help...
3- you gotta keep the pressure at 5-7hg. since the BM does not have a gauge, try to keep your lenght inside the BM at not more than your BPEL. sometimes on the first set I start going as far as it will go for 30secs to a min to give it a little stretch, then bring it back to the BPEL. keep the heatpad on at all times...
4- time your sets at about 15 to 20 mins. I do 3 sets of 20 mins , trying to keep it as hard as I can. you can grab the tube and bring it up and down in a jerk of motion to help the erection, plus some porn, pornhub, tube8, you get the idea...
5- do about 5 min of ssj jelqs or some other type of jelq in between the sets to help the circulation...

after that do some more ssj, get it to about 50% erect, wrap a strip of cloth tight at the base and do a cable clamp and get it to 110% erection with some light handwork and porn... to get rid of any head fluid build up wrap a soft cloth around the blister and secure it with scotch tape. I keep it on for as much as I can, about a half an hour or so... then I may just get it erect, put the cloth band at the base and secure it a thin strip of double sided velcrostrap, found at homedepot. I then leave it alone like that for another few hours. just check it regularly to make sure the head isn't cold (no good..)

that will probably be your best expansion, right after the cable clamp set. replace the clothband with a cockring and you are ready to fuck! erections will be weaker in the first hour or so after the set , viagra does the trick. use a easily removable and adjustable cockring, like a leather strip with the rivets, so you can get it off easily. even without the cockring you will get a good girth, I get anywhere between 1/2 to 3/4 expansion without the ring. about an inch with the ring on...

you will have to try that by yourself a few times to learn how your body responds. don't go too hard on the first few times , increase the duration of the sets as you get good results.

sometimes I still have an extra 1/2" more than 12 hours after the set. with a light cloth/ velcrostrip combination sometimes I can keep the whole inch for over 4 hours, but not everytime, usually when I am at planning on the dirty things I will be doing to wifey... I sometimes go out for a few hours with the strip on and no boxers and get glimpses of females looking at that huge bulge on the jeans, that's priceless....

try that and let me know how it goes... good luck and jelq and stretch everyday, the pump alone won't do any miracles..... BOB
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