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Anyone using the BathMate right before sex?

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I have always been addicted to doing girth right before sex. Back in the day I would pop a Viagra and do a massive girth workout and then have sex right after. I did this because, albeit temporary, I loved being at my biggest. Back before the BathMate I could get about .25" temporary girth and about the same in length after a serious Slow Squash Jelq session. Now, my question is about the BathMate. I have not had sex since getting my BathMate, so I have no experience with this but I wanted to touch on a couple points.

1. Do you use your BathMate right before sex?

2. What is your experiences and reactions from your lover?

3. How does this mentally effect you in the sense that you are working with up to an inch of penis that usually is not there?

4. Do you see it as an obsession? And if it is obsessive, does it not serve you through the drive to have record girth routines so you are your biggest before sex?

I am interested in this because I never had an inch gain after a session, at the most maybe .5". I can get an inch after a BathMate/Slow Squash Jelq session. I think I would be obsessed if I was using before sex. I wonder, is this cheating or is it seeing the future?

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  1. rhino19's Avatar
    Good Post DLD though nolonger using my BM is have in the past used it right before sex on numerous occations and my wife loves it and yes it does become a obsession. If she enjoys sex with a bigger you and you enjoy sex with a bigger you whats not to love. However you do risk a double edge sword scenerio. If the biggest you get is while using the BM will it be a let down when you have sex without using it?
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