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Rushing into Penis Enlargement too fast

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When many guys start penis enlargement they become overzealous and think that using advanced methods will bring faster penis enlargement gains. This line of thinking, in penis enlargement, can result in slower gains and risk of injury. The basic exercises in penis enlargement are set to teach a new user the methods and bring the fastest gains possible.
The basic jelq is the starting girth exercise in penis enlargement. This movement, in itself, will bring fast, safe gains. The more advanced jelqing methods are available when all gains are tapped from the starting exercises. For many guys, jelqing brings incredible gains and the gains continue for about 6 months in most men and when the gains start slowing more advanced exercises are available. Yes, there are very intense exercises but these should only be used when the basic movements are mastered.
The basic stretching exercises are also the place to start on length work in penis enlargement. The stretching exercise may seen pretty basic but when done correctly most guys gain up to 2" using them. Again, more intense exercises are available but should not be used until you have mastered the basic stretches and made all possible gains. I gained 2" using the basic portion on the Matters of Size penis enlargement site.
My personal program in penis enlargement, the same program used on my site, was a progressively intense series of routines and exercises. I started with basic stretching and jelqing. Over my first siz months I made a 2" gain in length and a .75" gain in girth. It was at this point that I reached my first plateau (the most gains you can get with one routine.) and needed to create a more intense routine that would continue my gains. My first changes included brand new, self developed exercises, that were based on the original exercise but contained more intense movements. This would later become Phase 2 of the MOS program. As time passed I continued to add new exercises and create more intense routines until all 5 Phases of the MOS program were written. Through my journey I gained 4" of length and 2" of girth. Today I am working on Phase 6 which has brought me additional gains and I hope will help continue other users gains.
Don't miss out on the newbie gains and do not press forward until you have mastered the basic stuff.

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Special Thanks to StillWantsMore for Shooting it.

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    Where can I find phase two?
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