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Real dimensions of the BathMate Hercules

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Ok, I just got my BathMate last night, and I love it. I did two 5-minute sessions at medium-low intensity just to get a feel for it. I'll post on my impressions later, but it really is great.

First, however, I thought I'd post the REAL dimensions of this thing, since the stats I've seen online are misleading.

The pamphlet that came with my hercules says that the Hercules fits a 46mm by 200mm penis. However, the website says 58mm. (6.25" girth)

Presumably, what they mean by this is that if you're bigger than this, there isn't room for expansion inside the tube.

The actual internal dimensions of the BathMate Hercules are as follows: (Based on my measurements)

Circumference at the bottom of the tube: 7.25"
Circumference at the top of the tube: 6.625"

Circumference of the seal (between the plastic tube and the rubber gaiter): 6.5"
Circumference of the rubber: 6.75"

Also, note that under vacuum, the gaiter compresses and conforms to the penis. My normal erect girth is 5.75", and I got little indentation marks from the gaiter (but not from the seal) after wearing it for 5 minutes, which means that the rubber at the base compresses down below 6.5" as it conforms to your penis.

Finally, the length markings on the tube don't necessarily reflect your actual length in the tube.

The measurements start about halfway down the gaiter, meaning that unless you're compressing the bathmate really hard, your penis is longer than the markings indicate.

I found that for me, the difference ranged from 10-15mm depending on the amount of compression.

So, if you're seeing 165mm (as I was for my first session) the bone-pressed measurement could be as much as 180mm. This makes more sense, given that my normal BPEL is greater than 180mm.

Measuring the length of the inside of the tube, I came up with these numbers:

Length from the very bottom of the gaiter to the top of the inside of the tube: 10.25"
Length from where they start measuring to the top: 8.5" (they stop measuring at around 8", but there's more room)

In conclusion:

The indentation marks from the rubber are somewhat inevitable if your base erect girth is 5.5"+.

You won't see indentation marks from the rubber/plastic seal until you expand beyond 6.5". You won't max out the length of the tube until about 9", 8.5" if you're really pushing the vacuum.

If your head girth is 6.75" and your length is 8"+, your head will max out the tube, girthwise. But then, if you're 8"+ with a head girth of 6.75", why the F are you doing PE?!

Anyway, if you exceed any of these measurements, you should probably upgrade to the Goliath.

For me, length isn't going to be a problem, I imagine. If I gain 1"+ in length from the BathMate, I'll be done with PE anyway. I can definitely see girth being an issue. My goal is 6"-6.25" MSEG, at which point my base girth will probably cause me to max out the rubber.

Hope y'all find this useful.

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