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New girth method - Dash Rap

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I have finally decided I have enough confidence in this new technique I have developed to release to the forum.

The Dash Rap (Listen to your favorite Rap tunes while doing this one!)

What supplies do I need?:
1) Go to just about any store and buy yourself a length of 1/4" to 3/8" cotton or soft nylon tight weave rope. Any rope will really work but I find the soft nylon tight weave to work best. Fray one end of this rope about 1/2" or so.

2) Cut a 10" length of ace type bandage

3) optional - Cable clamp

4) tape

Here is what you do guys, but first, a warning! Start easy and don't hold these too long or you will really make your dick hurt really bad from the stretch. I am not kidding, you can easily make this too intense so gradually over days increase the intensity to avoid an injury. You have been warned!

Here are the steps

1) turn on your rap music you freak
2) If you are under 25, blow on your dick and the wind should make it hard, remember your most recent kinky experience.

If you are over 25 but less than 40, crank up some of your best porn and try to forget about your last kinky experience.

Over 40 but less than 75 you will need to get out the viagra, think about 40 year old hot milfs and do your best to remember your kinky 20's.

If you are over 75 get out the viagra and just try to remember any kinky experience (be patient)

3) Ok, now that you have firm wood, wrap your ace type bandage at the very base of your growing tree stump and tape the end. Wrap firmly but smoothly.

4) Keep thinking about the whores and stay as hard as you can get!

5) At the very base of your penis, hold the frayed end of the rope and firmly wrap one time around your penis and make the rope pass over the frayed end to anchor it in place. Kegel to get that extra fill as you wrap.

6) While still holding in place, firmly wrap a seconf pass around your penis. Remember that it is very important to start at the very base and keep your wraps tight. Also important to think about those whores or sheep or whatever perverted acts that may be haunting you.

7) Now, continue to take a few more tight wraps but pay close attention to your wood because this thing will blow it up like a balloon and you can really do some damage if you don't condition over days and weeks.

8) when you have wrapped approximately 4 passes you most likely will feel like you can't stand any more. So wait a minute but keep it tight and then either take another wrap or too towards the head or simply wrap back over the top of the rope with even more pressure. We are talking intense so take care.

9) Kegel if you wish while you watch the clock.

10) If pressure reduces, add more wraps. After 5- 10 minutes you should release and jelk for about 50-100 to get the circulation going again.

11) Start the process all over again and do 3 sets after you have gotten used to this.

12) Optionally, you may wish to add one of red's cable clamps to the very base and then wrap the rope from there. You should do this if you have problems staying hard or can't remember any kinky experiences (or maybe can't forget).

Be aware that you will likely get some swelling and hang heavy for the rest of the day. This thing really increases the girth.

I have gained exactly one erect inch in 14 months using this technique. Some guys that I help along are using this too and are making some solid girth gains.

You can keep adding wraps as you can stand it and go as far as you wish toward the head of your penis, however, I tend to limit wrapping to the first 1 1/2" at the base of the penis so I can get the most effect on my shaft.

Hint: Never do this before you hang or stretch because you will be too sore.

Give it a shot but please go easy with these Dash Raps. Oh, and turn the rap up and get motivated!
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