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Growing that monster snake

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Got a good tip for everyone that is doing PE: Document all your PE workouts in an excel-file.
1. Create excel-file with one tab per month. Vertical 1-31.
2. Categorize all PE methods you use (BM, manualstretching extender), workout rating and a comment section in one row.
3. Write down the sets. For example BM - 1x20min or manual stretching - 2x15min.
4. Make a workout rating scale. You could say 0 is no PE and 5 is very good PE day.
5. Weigh every PE method set in points. For example manual stretching 1x15 is 1 workout rating point, BM - 1x20min is 1 workout point, 1h extending is 1 workout point. This is all according to your personal routine and goals. If you think that 3 points per day is the minimum amount of PE to grow, you should aim for 3> of course. Keep in mind that there will also be days when you have 0's and 5's. So use the average funtion to check out how effective your months work is!

This file gives you a fast view of consistancy and will motivate you to get high workout ratings!!!
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