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Making the fastest length and girth gains

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If you are looking for the most bang for you buck and time invested in penis enlargement the combination of manual stretching and the FastSize Extender will get you there fastest. The nice thing about this combination is how much time you can actually spend stretching. A typical manual penis enlargement stretching session takes about 30 minutes but the FastSize can be used for the remainder of the day. Guys can get up to 12 hours of stretching in everyday!

Unlike girth exercises, it is difficult to overtrain length. Time is usually the biggest deterrent in training. 30 minutes of stretching manually will give your penis the heavy workout necessary to break down the tissue. Using the extender after the workout will allow the break down of tissue to stay in an extended state for the rest of the day. This combination has proved to be one of the fastest methods of gaining length.

Girth can be tackled in a similar way. Recently Matters of Size started to carry the BathMate Hydo-Penis Pump. This pump is very different from the usual pump as it uses water as the basis for it's vacuum and has been giving incredible girth expansion for everyone who has been using it. Where we find the BathMate to be most effective is when used in conjunction with manual girth work. Like length, girth requires an intense breakdown of tissue by way of manipulated exercise. Increased girth depends on bringing in as much blood into the penis as possible and when the penis is expanded exercise is used to break down the tissue to allow for more blood to be held in the penis making it thicker and thicker. Using the BathMate before exercise will prime the penis for ultimate expansion and using it after will help keep the penis in an expanded state longer helping cement girth gains.

Using the latest technology and the Matters of Size exercises will help you gain at the fastest and safest level.

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