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Women and Penis Size, The Balance of Power

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Most men have gone through situations that may have caused them great stress and lack of confidence based on what a woman has told them about their penis size.  With huge misconceptions in what an average penis size is, men may hear comments and run off believing them to be fact.  In one situation that comes to mind, a client of mine came to my forums in great distress because a woman he liked and wanted to sleep with made comments about her ex having a 10" penis and that she loved the sex.  he became obsessed with this since he was only sporting a 6.5" penis.  He made a post on my forums stating that he needed to gain a few inches before he would attempt to sleep with her.  This, even though totally irrational, he believed it to be so.

A few weeks went by and the opportunity arrived for him to have sex with her and he went for it.  His anxiety level was through the roof and he really worried what she would think of his 6.5" penis.  To his amazement, he got undressed and the girl told him he was much bigger than her ex.  He was instantly blasted into reality.  He asked her again how big her ex was and she again claimed 10", when he told her he was 6.5" she was floored.  Her math was quite a bit off.

This scenario runs crazy through a lot of mens lives.  Comments from locker rooms, sexual experiences gone wrong, ex girlfriends cloudy math, and many other situations.  One completely incorrect comment could have the potential to ruin a man's whole life and most of the time NON OF THIS is based in reality.  My ex girlfriends recollection of size was so faulty that I eventually stopped listening to her.  One day one of her ex's were 9" and a week later they were 7.  One girlfriend I was with told me her ex had a 14" penis!  What a joke and I allowed these comments to really effect me.

When it comes to men and penis size women hold a certain, unstable power over men and if a guy is ignorant to this he could have some serious heart ache in store.  These situation usually arise when men inquire about a females past lovers.  When a man asks about this it puts the woman in the position to take over and most men fall victim to this.  As I stated, this power is claimed on shaky ground and as easily as it is taken by the woman it can be reclaimed by the man.

What can you do?  First and foremost, forget about her past and realize that if more than 90% of men fall into average size (5-5.5" in length and 4.75-5" of girth) than the chances of their female friend encountering something above this is very, very rare.  Lets do some math based on average size according to most studies.

There are about 302,000,000 people live in the US.  Out of these people 151,000,000 are men.  Out of these men about 75,000,000 are sexually active.  Out of these men 67,500,000 fall into average size.  The remaining 7,500,000 fall into smaller than average and larger than average.  Since we are more concerned with how many larger men there are we will stick with the stats.  3,750,000 men fall into the larger area of size, the remainder fall into smaller than average.  Out of the 3,750,000 approximately 80% of these men are in the 6-7" range, about 3,000,000.  That leaves us with 750,000 men walking around with a size greater than 7".  As we approach the 9" size we see the number dwindle to approximately 50,000 men in total with a size close to 9".  When compared to the women in the US who are sexually active (about 75,000,000) the chances of a woman experiencing a true 9" penis become 1 in about 72,000,000.  This means a woman would need to sleep with about 70,000,000 men to experience a 9" penis.

So, the next time you are worried about penis size and women please refer to this blog, it will save you so much stress and anxiety.  Next time your girl tells you she was with a dude with a 9" penis you can say with great certainty, so how about the other 72,000,000 men
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