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SizeGenetics Extender Multi-part Review Part 3

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Initial Impressions on Wearing the Extender

I'll admit, there's something cool about taking the individual Extender components out of their box and assembling it to the desired length. I kinda feel like Scaramanga in "The Man with the Golden Gun" as he assembled his pistol. As for the mechanics of putting it on, here is my advice: First attach the appropriate extension rods to the base (you'll determine this through a little trial and error) and slide the ring over your penis. It's generally a good idea to be standing next to a flat surface (like your bathroom counter), so that you can rest the rods on it, freeing both of your hands for the rest of the setup.

My next step is to put the foam rubber ring over and just behind the head of my penis. I then insert the left side of the head support strap into the head support -- just one "click" -- and then put the head support on the extension rods. I compress the rods on their springs so that my head is resting on the head support, then while simultaneously stretching my penis and compressing the rods with my left hand, I insert the head support strap in the right side of the head support (making sure that the rubber strap is well positioned on top of the foam rubber protection ring) and pull it a couple of "clicks". I then alternate tightening each side by a couple of clicks until I feel like I'm securely in place. If you are left-handed, you may want to reverse the sides described above.

The first time or two, it might seem a little tricky attaching the Extender but, like changing a diaper, pretty soon you'll have it down and will be able to strap it on in no time. In fact, you may even want to show of your new skill to your friends and neighbors.

You increase the tension on the Extender by turning the knurled knobs toward your penis. This is what threw me before I watched the video. I was playing with the extender (off my penis) and couldn't figure out why the "righty / tighty, lefty / loosey" rule wasn't working). The Extender can be positioned straight out, down (which stretches the tendons) or up (which stretches the tunica). I find that while I may be comfortable with a given tension in one position, I can really feel the stretch when I move it to a different position. So it's probably a good idea to mix it up during your session. You'll also find that as your penis relaxes / stretches during a session that you can increase the tension (or even move up by a half inch in rod length).

One of my main questions with the Extender was when I would be able to wear it -- and that would be largely based on how discreet it is. First, I would not wear it while sleeping for a couple of reasons: 1) I toss and turn a fair bit, and I think that would set me up for an injury; and 2) I find that the lack of circulation to my penis head requires me to take an Extender break every 30-45 minutes. Lots of physical activity is an enemy to your penis while wearing the Extender, with pinching against the knobs being the primary source of pain. Basically, I wouldn't wear the Extender during any activity that has a lot of motion: running the 100M hurdles, riding a bike, climbing a ladder, cattle roping, etc.

I found that if you're trying to be discreet, the Extender works best under loose fitting shorts or sweat pants, and ideally aimed downward. If you had a job that involved standing (i.e., manufacturing) and/or wearing coveralls, you could probably wear the Extender at work (though bathroom breaks might be a bit awkward). I could also see the Extender working really well for truck drivers. For those of us with office jobs, we'll have to limit the use to at home. With the exception of wearing coveralls, you will probably not be able to discretely wear the Extender in an upward position (as it will extend past your waistband if you are longer than 6 inche or so), so it's best to plan for a time when you can have your penis out in the open if you are looking to stretch your tunica.

Once again, my review has gone on longer than I expected -- but I hope you all are finding it useful. In my next post, I will get around to the previously promised pack-ins and some pictures.


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  1. Shlongy's Avatar
    Big issue with this equipment, this thing brings good stretching but a hell needs a hell of a lot of healing, just 15 minutes a day for a 2 weeks has left in the minus, not positive growth, i suggest you look at 10 minutes and 1 week off? I'm not game to use again, but if i did that's what i would do..I certainly wouldn't recommend daily use for hours on end!!!
    I think as a novice that major stretching [which this thing does] does immediate tearing which is good, but a lot of it and too much the muscles contract as a form of defense thus shortening, as apposed to jelqing which does consistent small tear small tear almost tricking your prick to not defend itself, bit like bicep workouts, you wouldnt hold a 30 kg weight in one posi for 3 hours would you!
    Hope this makes sense, any doctors out there correct me if I'm wrong but only using common sense and the reality of my experience.
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