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BathMate Praise!

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by: swedeguy

I've used it for a couple of days now and my flaccid size increases after each single time! Of course I realize that these small gains are temporary but the potential for this thing is huge!

Also tried doing a few bathmate stretches, I've never felt anything from doing manual stretching before but this seems to really target every single ligament!

After each pumping session I also pump my balls separately but turning the bathmate so that it is "upside down", allowing me to push the balls in and get a tight seal. I think that this has really made me much hornier during the days and they also swell quite rapidly while in there.
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  1. VinniePaz's Avatar
    Hold on let me make sure i understand this correctly, you stated that you pump your balls?? How in the world do you do that? Doesn't that hurt you, i can onl imagine extreme uncomfort doing such a thing, i know when using the pump on my penis i can sometimes feel my balls being pulled toward the pump and it hurts a bit. I am not trying to knock what you are doing, i am just shocked that you are able to do it. So does it increase the size of your balls when you pump them? Any pain? Safe?
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