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The whole topic about healing and gaining

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I could spend hours on this topic as its a favourite of mine and one that inverably doesn't have a right or wrong answer as such. The human body will adapt to stress placed upon it by becoming stronger and hence adjusting to it. This is what we see when out in the sun and we get a tan or if we over do it become red. Yet some people can get burned very easy with sensitive skin and others don't burn much at all .. the analogy with that and penis enlargement is for me any-ways the whole debate about 5 or 7 days on with 2 days zero days off and those like me who do 1 on 2-3 off and 2 on 5 off etc.

Some men must be able to do more penis enlargement over a set period and not have to rest as much, while others like myself need more rest. Now I have havent incl the variables that would need to also be considered such as intensity - how intense I do my workout on one day with 4 days rest could be as intense as some guys do an entire 7 day week of PE I kid you not. Lots of variables to look at.

In theory we should all gain and see a change in our penis as we are all human and share the same biological, anatomical physiological make-up albeit we have different speeds to the system in our health and how it deals with metabolism for one example, we should all gain no matter what because as I said in the first paragraph its a stimulus, a stress and our body will, must adapt to that.

Lifting weights in the gym can be another comparison. Guys can go 5 days a week and still grow muscle but more sensible regimes exist to gain strength and muscle much more productively than that such as 2-3 times per week and yet they all work ... do it with passion and dedication, you will see results. What we tend to notice is when we become more advanced in body modifications is when we have to start getting exotic with our ways of thinking and the routines start to become more alien than they were before. The body resists change, it does not like change at all and is why it will do its damn hardest for those of us that lift weights to ensure we stay at a certain weight, is why we also hit plateau's and find it hard to push past a 'sticky point'.

With all this being said my way is more with shorter high intensity workouts that push the body or in this case, the penis into a zone it normally wouldn't be in ... like the do or die zone but obviously not as extreme. The body can cope with that for SHORT periods only i.e. lifting weights no more than 45 mins and with penis enlargement who really knows but I like to say around 45-60 minutes high intensity in one sitting as a maximum.

Once this has been done its time to rest for X amount of days until the penis doesn't feel as fatigued and than hit it up again. 3-5 days rest in between is not out of the ordinary for this way of thinking.

Thats my way ^ it is NOT THE ONLY WAY I will point out and no one is right or wrong on this. The evidence is everywhere on these and other pe forums. Checkout Kingsnake's routine, that guy has a very large penis from PE and does it daily like a religion. I think he mentioned something about the creeping theory and keeping the tissues under tension in between workouts which does make nice sense and who can argue with that as he has a massive penis to boot.

DLD did 7 days on with no rest for years and than 5 on 2 off with ... well you know his enormous success. Than guys like me who have done 5 on 2 off at first but for most of their PE careers have adopted the 1 on 1 off, 1 on 2 off etc workout regime and with great success. See my pictures for comparisons.

So its no surprise guys get confused. What we need to fathom out is not why we see these vast changes but how to better pinpoint which man is more suited to whatever approach for better success. I will add that I think its rubbish about the penis getting stronger from PE and it being harder to workout. I've heard that one and I suppose is why many stretch allot between workouts, if it works for them great but I don't reckon the penis would become tough with long rests between sessions, hey I have proven it with months and even nearly 2 years away from this and seeing the best growth currently than I have done in years.

I also have done a thread on ligaments which clearly states from the medical literature, not my own that ligaments once elongated take weeks and weeks for them to even become fully healed. What that tells us is a session on the penis ligaments that's so intense it really hammers them and than a guy rests for say 2 days, he isn't going to lose jot because those ligaments will take weeks before they even toughen up again and by that point they will have become more fatigued and elongated from more sessions.

Let the discussion commence.
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  1. Shlongy's Avatar
    I'm glad someone finally raised the topic!
    Let me say i have changed my routine, dropped a "certain" item and now just use the bathmate and jelqing like before when i was getting some very good gains.
    No one mentioned actual losses here, in fact i haven't heard it spoken off ever so good for me, I'm the only one?
    My routine is relatively short, 20 min bathmate - 10 min jelqing, so I'm certainly not over doing it to say the least.
    So the real question is, is stretching for long periods in one position bad for the ligaments and could possibly tighten the muscles in order to try and repair itself therefore actually translate into a loss due to the muscle repairing itself?
    This as apposed to shorter stretches while using the bathmate.
    Another question, if you are stretching in one position for long periods [20 min] then should you rest for much longer as this is a much more powerful ligament stretching exercise therefore needing longer to repair? May be common sense but there are those out there that apparently do these sorts of stretches "every day"
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