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SizeGenetics Extender Multi-part Review Part 5

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Pack-ins and initial impressions

The first pack-in is the PenisHealth DVD. I have not done a side-by-side comparison of this video with the one offered by DLD, but it is pretty solid. You can view all of the PE exercises individually, broken down by stage (beginner, intermediate, etc.), or as part of the recommended routines. I don't know what more to say about it, other than I think it's a good resource and I'm pleased to see it included with the Extender.

The next pack in are the Male Extra pills, of which you are given a 30 day supply. The box claims that the ingredients in this pills will give you "Rock-solid hardness, throbbing blood flow to the penis, outstanding control and stamina, fast recovery for extra sessions, big impressive ejaculations, more powerful intense orgasms, and all-night staying power". Sounds like it's more powerful than Cialis or Viagra, doesn't it? Well, after two weeks of usage, I found these claims to be over-stated. Yes, I'm waking up in the morning with an erection, but not a Cialis-caliber erection (which I can hang a 45 lb weight plate on). I have seen no change in the quality of my orgasms nor the amount of ejaculate.

The two primary ingredients are L-arginine (500mg) and pomegranate (500mg). If you went to Walgreens, you could get a two month supply of those two supplements at those doses for around $15 (provided they have one of their regular "buy one, get one free" sales going on). If you order Male Extra pills direct from the official website, they charge $75/month. I'm pretty sure I could find the other 500mg of herbal ingredients for quite a bit less than that. However, SizeGenetics threw them in for free and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. That said, I'm not going to rush out to buy more.

But ultimately this review is for the SizeGenetics Extender, not the pack-ins. And I think it's a damn fine piece of machinery. I've seen other posters state that they have had the tightening rods break or their head strap tear. I don't know if these are isolated incidents. I hope so. I have found in two weeks of using the Extender that I am stretching out a half an inch longer than when I first got it. I have been using the Extender in conjunction with DLD's beginner routine and the BathMate, and I give all three credit for the gains I've made so far.

Personally, I find the claim that the Extender was "originally $425!" to be a little dubious. I think most of us are wise enough to see that this is a marketing technique. I mean, who among us would actually pay $425 for this device? Probably none of us. Some might even find $165 to be too high a price, but let me ask you this: how much would you pay to add a couple of inches to your penis? What is it worth to you for the confidence those couple of inches will give you? What is it worth to see the impact it has on your wife/girlfriend/lover? When you put it in those terms, I feel the SizeGenetics Extender and the Bathmate were very worthy purchases.

I'll continue to post to this topic over the next few months to share my results. Also, I took a few pictures of the box (inside and out) as well as the head strap and comfort ring, but I see that I cannot upload pictures directly to the MoS website. I'm not going to put these pictures on my personal Photobucket page, but I will get around to creating another account -- and when I do, I'll post the pics. Or if DLD wants to host the space for the pics, I can email them to him.

For all of those who own or are about to purchase a JES Extender
here is a Video MoS put together on how to wear it.
Special Thanks to StillWantsMore for Shooting it.

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