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BathMate Success!

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10/19/2010 -- Day 7

Session: 10 min/ 5min jelq/ 10min
Method: shower
Start: went in semi erect
Max: 171*/176*

VERY good session tonight! came home from the gym pretty late, didnt use the BM all day so i was really looking forward to getting in it tonight. Before going in i did a lot (for me) of manual stretches and less jelqing just to see if it would help me with the length. I got in the shower and continued to do more manual stretches before getting myself erect to go in the bm. did some jelqs while semi erect and when i got pretty close to 100% i got to work. This first set was amazing, for some reason it felt soooo goood compared to other sets. I had no discomfort at all other then the slight tug and pull on my dick (normal). I went in and got up to about 165 with in a minute or so. When 4 minutes came around i decided to pump some more and got up to 168. keep it there for about a minute and felt great and ready to pump some more. with 5 or so minutes left on the clock i pumped up to 170 and then squeezed a little more out to get me to 171 for the rest of the 10 min set. I was EXTREMELY HAPPY. Not only did i get to and a little past 170 in my first set, but it felt amazing and i was veeryy comfortable getting there and staying there.

took the BM off at 10 min and my unit was looking good! long and thick! i am noticing a little bit a blueish shade on the left side of my shaft, i see some small blue veins around the area. im not sure if its just the blue veins causing my skin to look more blueish or what, i dont feel pain or anything. Anyways i went on and did a little more stretching and a little jelqing for the 5 min break. I got myself hard again and went in for my 2nd set in the BM

This set was not quite as comfortable as my first, but was still great and yielded me a new record! went in and pumped up to 160 in less then a minute and then pumped to 165 right after the minute mark. I was really happy about the 171 i hit in the 1st set, so i didnt want to push it to hard right off the bat. 4 minutes in i pumped myself up to 171. When 6min came around, i decided to really push it. I pumped very aggressively and pumped to 176! This was as far as i could go, i could not pump anymore which was fine with me so i just kept it there for the remaining 4 mintues of the set.

I am soooo happy that i pushed myself to 176! i really hope that i can keep steady around 175 for a couple days so i know it wasn't a fluke thing and eventually get really close or hit 180! ( knock on wood )

anyways im gonna sleep really good tonight! I want to thank everyone on this forum for being as help full as possible and especially you DLD! If it wasnt for you and this forum, i would have never bought the Bathmate and would not being seeing these kind of gains!
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