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Increase Your Length with DLD Expressive Stretching

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Stretching at the base is something we (the penis enlargement community) just don't put to much effort into, if any!. The stretching point is mostly at the upper portion of the penis where much of the strength is lost as it radiates downward into the base. The further we work down the shaft with the point of grip the less of the penis that is penis stretched BUT new penis, unlocked from deep within, is now given more force of stretch bringing greater opportunity to grow.

A man with a 9" penis who stretches from just below the head will see less length gains than a man with a 5" penis doing the same because the shorter man is reaching deeper into the body (due to the shorter path) and applying more intensity to internal, and lower shaft gains. You already know you have inches of internal penis, you can feel it, making this length real is highly reflective on how much intensity is applied to it. Distance x Force = Length This is what accounts for smaller men making gains faster than longer men in almost every MOS survey.

As we get longer, or start longer I think it is important to address lower down the shaft. With every inch of distance between you and the deep internal penis is one inch less of stretch being applied to it! Mid-shaft stretching is ok but Expressive Stretching makes them obsolete. As one can see in this picture, there is (x) amount of outer length and (x) amount of inner length, effectively stretching that requires expressing it!

This type of stretching is called expressive because it expresses the internal penis and allows it to be stretched. I have included 4 very good method to stretch this area, please try one or all. It could really make the difference in your gain potential. One can become limited using purely traditional stretching methods, it is smart to include Expressive Stretching as it will increase the speed of gains and the over all gain potential.

When using DLD Hardcore BathMate Stretches one is able to really experience stretching internal penis without touching it! A truly amazing feeling, the stretch immediately brings one into total comprehension of the amazing potential of what is inside the body and how the BathMate can effectively stretch it.

DLD Expressive Stretching, using the PowerAssist (or LengthMaster) is another way to effectively stretch internal penis. Using this method the ring of the PowerAssist is used to push internal structures outward where it can be gripped and stretched. I love this method as much as I do the BathMate.

A way to help stretch this area manually is through The Total Package Stretch. I made this stretch years ago but has fallen deep into the archives of Matters of Size. This stretch is very easy. The user simply grips, with two hands, his entire package, including scrotum and stretch from the lowest point of the body outward. This method is powerful too and one should show some restraint.

Last but not least is LengthMaster, lower shaft stretching. The Bundle Chamber allows the user to strap the LengthMaster to his lower shaft and use both hands to stretch it! The most powerful method of all! Be careful with this stretch as it can apply a lot of force. Always start easy and work up to intensity slowly and within good limits!

Try one of these highly effective methods of stretching and exposing new, internal penis. The way I see it, God would not have put it there if we weren't supposed to get it I know that I have always used this logic in my penis enlargement and I have gained more than anyone (proven) in penis enlargement. I was always curious about that internal penis, even when I was a boy. I think this theory will bring hidden inches to many curious stretchers!
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    Exceptional discovery's! Just brilliant DLd, you've created the future.
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