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Bathmate review

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Hey guys!

I've lurked the forums too long, in my opinion. Now, after reading the insane amount of positive comments about and ordering/receiving my BathMate -- I've decided to keep a journal/record for motivational purposes.

I received the BM last Friday, after placing my order the Saturday before that. I was expecting 7-10 business days, so I was surprised when I saw the package sitting on my desk less than a week later. Thoroughly impressed already with the shipping speed and the discreetness of the packaging.

I found the information handout to be informative, although a few diagrams would be nice. Also, as was said by most of you here, it took some getting used to and experimentation before I found what position/angle gave me the best vacuum. That said, I would like a few questions answered, if possible:

1) I have a bit of a special situation... I don't have a working shower/bath at my apartment, only a sink with running water -- although I take showers/baths at my girlfriend's place, I still haven't let on or shown her the BM.. Is there a way that I can use the BM without either of those perks, using just the water from the sink? If so, (and I believe I noticed DLD saying he does this) would it be better to sit or stand for the duration of the session?

2) When using the BM, is it more important to keep as much water inside as possible, simply pumping the air out? Or should I pump at an angle that gets the air out along with the excess water? May seem like a stupid question, but I suppose I'm still in the learning stages.

3) Is it better to enter the BM Erect or flaccid?

4) Due to the fact I have to either be standing or sitting with no shower/bath available... I've noticed it's extremely hard for me to keep a tight vacuum in either case, again, I'm guessing this is all a part of the learning curve. Are there any tips/suggested ways to create a better vacuum?

I apologize if it's a bit much; however, any help is greatly appreciated. We're all on the same path, here, which is indeed refreshing and comforting. I look forward to your responses, and I'll start on the updates as soon as my next session.


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