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Keeping the penis in an extended, expanded state (Penis Enlargement Tips)

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Here are some cool tricks to keep your penis in an extended, expanded state throughout the day. These methods will help you increase your flaccid length and girth immensely. Nothing will replace manual penis enlargement but one issue guys have is shrinkage after a good workout. Temporary shrinkage in normal, you probably notice it after sex or masturbation. After a good workout you can take some steps that will keep you pumped all day and help your penis enlargement gains along, while hanging nicely. First thing is a good warm down. AFter you finish your penis enlargement session be sure to apply a hot wrap (using a washcloth) to help your penis repair but it will also keep you expanded throughout the day. This is easy to do, you simply heat a washcloth up with warm-hot water (nothing that will burn you) and wrap the cloth around your penis. Repeat every minute for 5 minutes. If you have more time or privacy you can use a heating pad (my favorite method) As long as I keep the heat on the tissue remains expanded.

Another nice trick is to get mini-jelq sessions in on bathroom breaks. These sessions should only be 3-5 minutes, maybe 100 jelqs. You can speed the process by doing dry jelqs so there is not clean up. I will do this maybe 5 times a day in addition to my normal girth session. I like to keep a couple of sexy pictures in my pocket to help me stay up for these quick sessions and no one will know what you are doing.

Keeping length extended can be done in a few different ways. Remember, these are in addition to your normal penis enlargement workout. The best method is using an extender. You will find the order information for an extender in my signature. SInce we are such a popular site we get deep discounts on extenders, you can purchase a VIMAX EXTENDER for less than $150.00! If you can't afford an extender don't fret, there is a couple of other methods that will help.

For about $5 you can purchase a ACE Bandage. These are the beige colored bandages that are used when you have a sprained ankle. Basically what you will do is after your penis enlargement session and warm down you will wrap your penis in it's fully extended flaccid length. Starting at the base of your penis your will start to wrap. With each wrap stretch your penis so that the entire length is extended under the wrap. You will want to re-wrap every 30-60 minutes to keep a good extension and to return good blood flow to the penis. This will help in your length efforts and will eventually train your penis to stay in an extended state, even when it is not wrapped. It also makes for a nice, bulging look.

One more penis enlargement trick is something called Lazy Ass Stretches (LAS). The LAS is a method of keeping the penis in an extended state by sitting on it. Basically, you will stretch your flaccid penis back, between your legs. WHen you have stretched it all the way back you sit on it. This will not only extend your penis but it will help tack on erect length too. Be sure to reset your stretch every 20 minutes or so because of blood circulation.

With these tips in penis enlargement you will bring your flaccid size to new levels.


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Special Thanks to StillWantsMore for Shooting it.

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    How about a cool down after workouts using cool water for minute or two will that help keep the penis in flaccid longer. Book by Aaron Kemmer suggest cool downs after workouts do you recommend warm warps. I have used ace bandage or athletic tape after workouts. How about JAI during the day. I have fast size extender and when I use the extender my penis gets cold after 30 minutes of stretching and a dark color. I usually hang downward. Any advice about keeping good blood flow when using the extender. I read your article about bathmate workout and using your extender after bathmate. I haven't tired it yet. Thanks for the advice.
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