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How Long Does Penis Enlargement Take?

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This is a question that is asked by every newbie and the answer is usually not what they want to hear. So many guys get into penis enlargement and think that it is some kind of quick fix, they want gains immediately and don't want to put the work in. I wanted to clear this up and let men know exactly what they are in for. Remember, if penis enlargement was that easy every guy would be running around with a 10" penis.

The timeline looks something like this for the average guy practicing proper penis enlargement. The first week changes will be noticed in erection quality. Most guys will notice harder erections after the first few sessions. Many experience morning erections too, something that also happens in the beginning of penis enlargement. First measurable gains will happen in the first month. Many guys will see up to an inch in the first 4-6 weeks but this should be realized as newbie gains. A 2" gain, for most looking for that, happens in the first year so it is a journey.

Is it worth the time invested? If you consider that penis enlargement surgery yields an average of about .5" and the risk of dysfunction is massive. Penis enlargement surgery costs an average of $5000.00 and in most cases leave the penis looking deformed. Another scary reality is complete impotence, one of the other high risks of penis enlargement surgery. With natural penis enlargement there is virtually no risk and the gains that are made are massive in comparison to penis enlargement surgery. After you make your gains with penis enlargement your penis will look healthy, vascular and in shape. You will have lasting power. You will have a larger ejaculation. You will be longer and thicker...but most important you will be fully functional.

Penis enlargement does take time but anything good does and the investment will be life long.

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