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Penis Enlargement is a Journey

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Penis enlargement is not something you do once and it works, it is a commitment and it does take time. If penis enlargement were that easy every man would be running around with a monster between their legs but penis enlargement requires a certain mentality and acceptance of what you will need to do to make it happen. I like to equate penis enlargement to training in the gym. If you start a routine in the gym you will not expect to become a massive after a few times training, you will settle in to a beginners routine and follow this and be patient with your growth. As a routine becomes less intense you will add new more intense exercise. Your routine will change to keep the growth happening and after some time the results will pay off for the work you put in. The same logic needs to be used in penis enlargement training.

Just like you go to the gym, in penis enlargement you will go to your private place. It is smart to include healthy food and body exercises as you gain in penis enlargement because losing those extra pounds around the pelvic bone will prove to be the fastest way to make penis enlargement gains. If you combine a excellent penis enlargement routine with your diet and exercise plan you will grow the fastest. Just like in the gym there are supplements you can take to help speed recovery and benefit the exercises you are doing. Matters of Size offers the TITAN formula which includes all of the most powerful herbs on the market but without exercise they will be a waste of money.

Set a realistic penis enlargement goal in a reasonable amount of time. A good goal would be an inch in length and a 1/4" of girth in a 6 week period. Start with a good beginners penis enlargement routine and plan giving about an hour a day to training. Supplements can be taken twice daily and as I stated a good exercise and diet should be included. After you make your initial goal you can decide whether your current routine is intense enough to bring further gains, if not you will need to switch to a more powerful routine. The Matters of Size DVD makes this process fool-proof. The wy I set up the MOS program is in 5 phases so as you gain you can seamlessly move into another routine and keep the gains coming. Seeing the exercises first hand in video makes comprehension so much better which leads to faster gains and less injury risk.

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