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  1. I would like my account deleted. Thank you
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    Hi lightning. I had to open a new account and can't find the option to delete this account.
    Please can you delete this account for me.
    Thank you
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    hey lightning, i placed a order for my hydromax through your link and was wondering how do i go about getting my mos lifetime membership, and was also wondering about how does the 5 year warranty work i registered my hydromax but do i have to do anything else... also if there is a need for me to get my hydromax sent in for repair do i have to contact you or do i just go through buddy
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    Hi lighting I was wondering is the special for bathmate still good I just clicked on link but when I go to order extreme x 40 from that page and going through check out process doesn't say anything about 5 yr warrant or free express shipping actually says 10$ for express shipping?
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    Hey man I shouldn't have said bitch because that my personal opinion, however I've a disdain for him cause of things he's said in public and in PMs. I wish I could block him but if no then just disregard, even delete this message. I know recently someone deleted one of my posts of the February contest thread. It read"I'm attacking you? Aren't you just crying me a river now?", that's what gets me worked up more than anything, when they want to silence me.

    Also I know this is no excuse but I drank like three and a half king cobras before posting the former comment here yesterday. I know its very childlike to do so especially on your profile since you're justa hustla and one of the biggest boasses from what mike recounted
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    I need to put aimingforthetop on my ignore list. He is a bitch and has deleted a few of my posts
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    Hey. Can you PM me, I can't figure out how on my phone and my PC is acting up. Also, is the Goliath a viable option or is that off limits. Just curious because the msrp is the same now I believe. Let me know.
  8. Lightning can you delete my posts and account please?
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    I just got a size gen do I strap in flacid or semi erect I read it is best to have a head swell when u strap in.
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    Hi new to this website how do I post questions
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I was the official first member of these forums, DLD was second and REDZULU was third. We all joined on June 3, 2003 ;-)
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Penis Enlargement Video Server is Now Online at MoS!

by LIGHTNING on 09-18-14 at 02:44 PM
Thas is correct, MoS is now one of the first to have our own dedicated video server and software exclusively for our members to post penis enlargement videos in full nudity without spammy pop-ups and running the risk of getting banned. To learn more see the "Insert Video" link below the create post window.
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Penis Enlargement is a Journey

by LIGHTNING on 01-12-10 at 09:11 PM

Penis enlargement is not something you do once and it works, it is a commitment and it does take time. If penis enlargement were that easy every man would be running around with a monster between their legs but penis enlargement requires a certain mentality and acceptance of what you will need to do to make it happen. I like to equate penis enlargement to training in the gym. If you start a routine
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How Long Does Penis Enlargement Take?

by LIGHTNING on 01-12-10 at 09:10 PM

This is a question that is asked by every newbie and the answer is usually not what they want to hear. So many guys get into penis enlargement and think that it is some kind of quick fix, they want gains immediately and don't want to put the work in. I wanted to clear this up and let men know exactly what they are in for. Remember, if penis enlargement was that easy every guy would be running
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Penis Enlargement and Theory of How and Why it Works!

by LIGHTNING on 01-12-10 at 09:09 PM
by: dickfordays

The penis and it's attachments are made up of several different types of tissue: ligaments, tunica, skin, some muscle, etc. Each type of tissue has a certain amount of short term elasticity. In other words, when I pull, each tissue has a certain amount of give to it before it reaches is maximum short term elasticity. To illustrate, imagine attaching a rubber band
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Welcome to the New MoS Forum

by LIGHTNING on 01-12-10 at 04:00 PM
4 Steps to Getting the Biggest Growth in the Fastest Time!
What every man should have in his PE Arsenal!

1. Get The Matters of Size Maximum Gains Package
Learn the Exercises, Learn the PowerAssist!

2. Get a BathMate HydroMax, BathMate Hercules or BathMate Goliath
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