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The Art of Cunnalingus

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This is a spur of the moment blog entry, just because I felt like it. I've not written a blog before, not on here or any other site, so do excuse me if it isn't exactly what is expected.

So, eating pussy. You basically take off her pants, part her legs, dive in and just start licking any which way you choose, right? No.

I like to view cunnalingus as an art. Maybe even like a dance. It takes skill, knowledge and precision. You need to read your woman and read her bodies responses to your actions. You need a broad knowledge, purely because not all women are the same. One girl might love you sucking her clit, another might prefer you circling her clit. One might like her labia sucked, one might prefer you to put pressure on her pelvic floor muscle. Not all women will get the same pleasure from the same things, therefore you need to be prepared for whatever she might like.

The most important thing would be to know your vagina, inside and out. You'd be surprised how many guys get lost. Here's a nice diagram that shows the external vagina quite well. Here is the same thing but just on a real vagina. Just make sure you know what's what, the main part being the clitoris.

Internally, you really only need to know the pelvic floor muscle and the area of the G-Spot when going down on a girl or fingering her. When a girl is laying on her back, the pelvic floor muscle is the wall of her vagina closest to the floor. When you put your fingers in and press down on this muscle, it stretches her and feels almost like she had something large in ger vagina. You don't need to move it around, applying pressure will do fine. Due to the fact you'll have your face right in front of her vagina when you're going down on her, you probably won't get more than one finger in without compromising your oral work due to space limits. So avoid the finger fucking, because when you finger fuck a girl with a single finger, it might feel like you're giving her pleasure, but unless you have fingers with a girth of 4 inches and up, you're probably doing nothing.

The G-Spot is located about 2 inches inside of your woman on the wall closest to the ceiling when she is laying on her back. Usually you won't need to pay much attention to here if she can get off just fine with clitoral stimulation, but you need to be prepared incase she needs G-Spot stimulation to really get off. You can reach here with your fingers and due to the angle of which you can position your hand, you can probably get 2 fingers in here without compromising your space. Infact, Maxameyes posted a good picture yesterday which you can see here. It feels somewhat ribbed. Like the grooves of a seashell. You can rub here anyway you like, the most preferred is probably the 'come here' motion which seems to work well. As I said, this won't always be necessary. Some women need G-Spot stimulation to get off, others can't get much pleasure from it at all. You just need to be prepared for it.

Now we know the vagina, lets focus on our tongue work. These obviously aren't the only things that feel good for your woman, there are a plethora of rhythms and movements and flicks you can do with your tongue that will give her great pleasure, you just need to find what she likes. Start by lightly flicking her clit with your tongue. Do it sporadically. Go slow. Go out of rhythm so she doesn't know when to expect it. At this point, if you have teased her enough, she should be waiting on your every move. When your tongue makes contact with her clit she will likely move her hips towards you go get more of the contact she craves. We will cover teasing a little later on as I would first like to cover our tongue work.

We need to carry on with the slow rhythm really at this point, you can't go from slow, sporadic flicks to an extremely fast pace. Well, you can, but we want to work up to her orgasm, we don't want it to be over in a matter of seconds. More slow movements include circling her clit with your tongue, long, firm wide licks which start down at her vaginas entrance, carrying on her to her clitoris. These are finished off nicely by flicking the tip of your tongue off her clit. Almost like a snowboarder coming off a jump. You can really play around here and vary what you do and what speed. Build the speed up but you need to bring it back down as were still in the first stage. The increase in pace at this point is purely to tease her, not to give her the pleasure she craves. We can also do other activities in this stage such as sucking her labia. We can refer to this as Stage 1.

Let us move onto Stage 2. We're picking up the pace now and starting to be a bit more giving and a bit kinder. Start with some faster flicks of her clit. Why not slowly slip a finger inside and start to put some pressure on that pelvic floor muscle we talked about earlier? We can start to change the angle of which we flick at too. We can start going diagonally to see how she likes that.

You must always be perceptive and you must keep reading what she likes. If she likes it, she will moan or squirm, if she doesn't like it as much, she will calm down or she may even say if she doesn't like it at all (highly unlikely). If she calms down, it's not that you're doing something wrong, it's just not exactly what's hitting her spot. I can assure you, it's not going to feel bad for her whenever your tongue is on her clit. Remember what makes her squirm and moan as when we hit that final stretch, you will only want to be using those motions. For now, as we are only in Stage 2, the motions that cause her to calm down are perfectly fine. It's a gradual process. Sure, throw in what she seems to like, but add in what seems to be less pleasuring for her to calm it down.

Stage 3. Here you need to start slowly taking away what gives her less pleasure and start narrowing it down to what really makes her tick. You can start slowly moving that finger that is pressuring her pelvic floor muscle in and out of her which still keeping the pressure on. You could try adding a second finger but if it seems to crowd your work space, leave it out. A good move to use here is to actually place your lips around her clitoral area and suck. This will bring her clitoris into your mouth and creates a bit of pressure for her which I have been told adds to the experience. It also gives us a great opportunity to really lick her clit because we have isolated it. With her clit in your mouth, start speeding up your licking. In this position I have found you can go exceptionally quick with your tongue because it's occurring inside your mouth, for some reason it seems easier to get more pace. You can carry on doing this or you can speed up slower versions that she seemed to enjoy in the earlier stages or try something completely different that you know she likes. At this stage pace is quite important as now her heartbeat will be increasing, she will be breathing faster and her breaths will be shallower. If you do something slow at this point, it will give pleasure but it won't be as intense and with her heartbeat racing and her shallow breath, you want to build the intensity.

Stage 4 - The Home Straight. Stage 4 is a branched stage. You can do everything that has made her squirm at faster paces, which will probably bring her to climax, you can stop your oral work and do an extreme fast rub of her clit with your fingers which go faster than your tongue or you can just sprint to the finish with some fast licking on her clitoris. You can't slow it down now as this is the time where she is going to be on the edge of orgasm and you need to push her over the other side, unless you want to tease her and go back to Stage 1 again, which isn't a problem. She may complain that you're being mean but as long as you have enough gas in the chamber to get her back to orgasm again, that's perfectly fine. As long as you're building the pace constantly and making her squirm and moan you're going to be home and dry in no time.

Now, for those of you with girls who need that G-Spot stimulation, your home stretch will be somewhat modified. You'll want to switch that finger round so it's now facing up towards her G-Spot and pick up that pace and really build pressure while you carry on with your oral work on her clitoris. I suggest using your ring and middle finger to get to her G-Spot as it's more comfortable, but do whatever feels right for you.

Stage 4 can last for any amount of time. She can orgasm straight away or you could be in it for 10 minutes depending how well you switched up the gears between stages. If you go through 1-3 within 1 minute, you can be in that home stretch sprint for a good while. However, you'll know you have timed it right if Stage 4 lasts anywhere between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. It depends how long you spent on the other stages. She may well orgasm before Stage 4. She may be on her 3rd orgasm by the time Stage 4 comes around. It all comes back to being prepared, being precise and knowing what to do. If you spend too long on Stage 1 for example, she will be bored, spend too little time on it and you'll have given her less pleasure.

Think about when we get head. If she makes us cum in under 1 minute, is it good? Not necessarily. If she spends time building that pleasure and teasing you to that orgasm, it feels so much better. That's what we are aiming for.

Sub-Stage: Teasing. Teasing is important. If you tease her, she will be begging for your tongue to flick her clit. Start kissing her thighs, breathing heavily on her vagina, feigning to lick it, kissing her vagina through her panties. These are all things that bring blood to the area and get her ready to go. When girls tease us, we get rock hard before it even comes out. If she took our dick out of our pants before she even kissed us, she would be sucking a flaccid. We need to get her dripping wet before we even take our first lick. This way she is gonna really enjoy the slow build up through the stages which end in that fast paced, high intensity orgasm.

I think guys overlook cunnalingus too much. Or they don't like the idea of it. It gives so much pleasure to your woman and they absolute love you for it when you do it properly. If you can dine down on her like a pro, expect an abundance of favours coming your way in the bedroom.
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  1. doublelongdaddy's Avatar
    Great Article! Thanks Med, now I need a pussy to practice on
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  2. Medicating's Avatar
    I corrected the hyperlinking now, so it reads much better. But thanks very much!
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  3. pjp2002's Avatar
    great write up. I am almost on the verge of calling an ex that tasted good. speaking of that it feels like Russian roulette with their management down there.
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  4. Medicating's Avatar
    Haha. Yeah, some girls you just don't go down on. One girl i took a trip south on made me gag. It was poorly shaven, had a rash and tasted like sweat and piss. I didn't realise until i got down there, and then it was too late to back out. I changed it to fingering while having my face between her legs. One more lick of that and I would have puked.

    The rest of the girls I have gone down on tasted good though, especially my current one. I could have her sit on my face for days.
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    Live Streaming Access
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