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Day 44 - Trying new exercises

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I tried out DLD Blasters today. They are exhausting to do, but seem to provide a good stretch. When I was reading about it earlier, I learned how the reverse kegel plays a role in allowing you to stretch further. Since the pelvic floor has instinctively pulls back when the penis is stretched, if you reverse kegel, these muscles cannot get in the way of the stretch. Does this mean I could reverse kegel during my manual stretches to help? When I was doing them during the blasters, I noticed I was getting more flaccid. I imagine itís because all those blood goes back into body, which I experienced the first time I did reverse kegels weeks ago. I find it difficult to stay completely flaccid during manual stretches, so this might help me.

On the other hand, irspow champions kegeling as often as possible, even during stretches. There is some merit to this though. If there is more blood flow, any damaged cells or fatigued tissues get repaired more quickly. Is there merit in doing both of these? Blasters involve kegels too. According to DLD, they ďkeep the PC muscles in submissionĒ. Of course, they are also good for girth workouts.

I also read about a variation of the DLD Blaster that Dan Clizer developed. It requires some kind of pipe as the fake arm stretch does. Currently Iím using my wrist, plus this one sounds too intense for me at the moment.

I also bought a 10lb Kettle bell and did 12 minutes of the kettle bell stretch that Priapus made. It was easier than I expected, and the stretch was very powerful! I will do more of it tomorrow.

While I was shopping I found some sun tea jars. The plastic ones are much cheaper, but I canít use them for pumping because they would collapse. If I have enough time I may go ahead and try to make one of those STJs for ball pumping. Unfortunately, the way a lot of these pumps are, you have to insert the penis as well. I donít want to pump that! I was wondering if there was a way to have it in there without it pumping, and I recalled that some pumpers on MoS have wrapped all but the glans to be able to pump only that! Another big issue I would run into is how to make a good seal. STJs without a good seal are pretty uncomfortable. I hope the various homemade solutions are good enough, I donít want to buy a precision seal right now.
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