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Starting Stats (June 9th, 2011)
NBPFL: 3.00 BPEL: 5.50 NBPEL: 5.00 MSEG: 5.00 BPFSL: 4.75 FG: 4.50

Current Stats (Aug. 9th, 2011)
NBPFL: 3.25 BPEL: 6.375 NBPEL: 5.75 MSEG: 5.6

Short Term Goal (Modified on Aug.9th)
NBPFL: 4.00 BPEL: 6.75 NBPEL: 6.25 MSEG: 5.75

Long Term Goal
NBPFL: 5.00 BPEL: 7.50 NBPEL: 7.00 MSEG: 6.00


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Quick Update

by Nubbs on 07-26-11 at 08:07 PM
When I started my PE journey on June 9th I was temporarily staying with friends in Ontario to take care of some family stuff. Well I arrived home 2 days ago, dreading about discussing PE and the purchase of my Sizegenetics extender. I woke up yesterday after a good nights sleep and managed to broach the topic. It went much better than I had intended. My fiance's only had a few concerns.... 1. Was it safe, 2. If she was fine with the size of my penis, why did I feel the need to change?
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1 Month Results Update

by Nubbs on 07-15-11 at 12:21 PM
As stated in my previous post, I was unsure about my flaccid length measurement. Well over the last few days I've taken a couple measurements at random times and my posted gain of NBPFL- 4.5 +1.5 is way off. My flaccid length changes like the wind, but I would say that my true gain is only about .25 putting me at 3.25

Bit of a disappointment, but a gain is a gain.
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1 Month Results

by Nubbs on 07-10-11 at 10:43 AM
Originally I was going to wait until I hit the 3 month mark to officially measure / record my results, but I'm kinda blown away by my progress, and I needed to take measurements to ensure I wasn't going crazy. Back on July 3rd I stated the following (in a forum post):

Quick Update: +20 days into PE for the 1st time.

Well so far so good. I've stuck to the game plan pretty good so far. I've only missed 2 days, but each time I was back with a vengeance. I've begun to
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Updated 07-10-11 at 10:59 AM by Nubbs


Blog Introduction

by Nubbs on 07-10-11 at 10:42 AM
NOTE: This blog post was originally posted here before I realized there was a blog section that could be used for that purpose.

Hello All,

I'm brand new to PE and glad that I found it.

Back Story:

I'm 37yrs old and I've spent the last +20 years feeling inadequate about the size of my penis. Flaccid I'm 3".... sometimes even smaller, and although I'm hardly small erect (5" NBP) I'm still a good inch or more below average. I'm
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