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thepenisbible :section of penis growth

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right here it goes the supplements need to create the growth are

choline-choline bitartrate or phosphatidyle choline
HGH spray
tyrosine - dopamine
evening primose-PGE-1 precurser

ok il startt with choline, the choline is a neurotransmitter, which can greatly improve erections meaning more blood can enter the penis and so more DHT can enter there and help the liver produce the required enzymes and done so that the body can make more DHt by 5-alpha reductase, i often take choline bitartrate.

HGH as you all know is need for growing things and aswelll is need by the penis, thepenisbible said you should use or it is better to use a spray because they can be absorbed better into the body.

tyrosine an amino acid is needed to manufacture dopamine which in turn makes more testosterone in the testes, therefore more DHT is manufactured aswell.- im my opinion waste of time unless you dont have a high protein diet.

L-arginine- used to produce nitric oxide to help dilate the vessels or relax them and used to expand the chambers of the penis - inmy opinion waste of time unless you dont have a high protein diet,

5-HTP serotonin precursor- quite important used to prevent premature ejaculation, and helps prevent dopamine getting converted to adrenaline which will lead to ejaculate faster and the dopamine needed to help make testosterone may be less efficient, so quite important, and maybe just the answer to cure PE.

water is needed to thicken the blood like in puberty when you made more red blood cells, this is useful in transporting all the nutrients around the body and powering your erections, i know 3 litres maybe a bit too much but it all depends on what you do but me personally i go to the gym a lot so i drink around that much per day.

evening primose- PGE-1 precursor, this is needed to grow the skin of the penis so the extra skin can accomodate the exrta size of the penis, aswell can help make the spongy tissues of the penis more elastic and stretchy so it can expand a lot better. BUT very important point when you reach your size of penis size, and you want to stop growth, stop taking the evening primose. personally me bcus im havnt hardly got any foreskin this is quite important.

last bot not least he said you have to massage, i rememer him saying "if you have just 10 minutes a day time to yourself, would do a world of good for penis health and testosterone production" basically its just like penis ballooning bcus he said massage the groins , balls, base especially, shaft and then upper shaft, and the take yourself to point of no return ,3-5 times, will create DHT receptors after that you are free to ejaculate, but he said the more you do it, as in do it to point of no return more, than 3-5 times , the more the penis will grow. But personally i do this up to 10 times and then ejaculate.

But warning he said the more you ejaculate the less serotonin you have and as you all know serotonin is important to us, if you are like young like 18-24 then you can ejaculate like 4-5 times a week but please dont overdo it bcus you will really stress the body and penis growth is less likely to happen ever, if youre above 30 you can only ejaculate once and above 45 dont ejaculate at all bcus your testicular function is not as great as the younger people.

from that aswell he said that choline will help staighten up curved penises apart from thats about it
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  1. quadfather's Avatar
    Does anyone know about this?? If so how much of these supp do u take a day??
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  2. Turnover's Avatar
    This is not necessary for penis enlargement. You can take safer ingredients in PE pills and save yourself some trouble. Pills are not going to be as effective for growth as manual exercises or using devices is.
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  3. Dickleaker's Avatar
    Anybody take the Choline?
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