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Penis Enlargement Sigil to manifest your desires into reality

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This sigil is a very powerful one I created myself, just for Growing a larger penis. Its really good, the colours are all in balance with the outer sigils in the 6 sided pentagram which in itself is poweful luck. The outer sigils are that of the planets and further empower this.

Just medicate on the whole sigil when you want to and in your minds eye see your penis growing, see it larger than it ever has been before. Light a candle, get the scents burning while you do it .. make this intimate and intense.

While you meditate upon the sigil, concentrate and clear all your thoughts apart from that of penis enlargement ... see the penis growing and begin to chant the mantric text around it SRINOLA WEMPYG...SRINOLA WEMPYG...SRINOLA WEMPYG this is a very powerful chant, magical for what this sigil represents and will help bring to you via the universal laws of attraction for it all to manifest upon you, which it will.

To end the meditation I highly recommend, albeit its not a must, to masturbate to orgasm while focusing on the sigil and as you orgasm visualize in your minds eye and think about your penis in a larger state. The orgasm clears the mind if you like, it trips a switch off to the subconscious and embeds the powerful energies I have placed into this art inside your mind to bring about the changes you want.

Use this as part of your routine, after all penis enlargement is 80% Psychological in the long run after newbie gains. This is the only Penis Enlargement sigil (logo) I have come across that is aimed at men like us, so take full advantage of it. Nothing malice is planted inside such as dark forces etc. Its all natural.

Let me know how you find it please.

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  1. wanagrow's Avatar
    how do u make sigils?
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  2. REDZULU2003's Avatar
    I'll have to explain it oneday
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  3. Rude_God's Avatar
    what is a sigil and how do you use it?
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  4. REDZULU2003's Avatar
    A sigil is used as a focal point. Its a bundle of energy for a certain thing or it can be for a being such as a god. You focus on the sigil and meditate with it. If a mantra is provided it helps to chant that either aloud or silent, again trying to meditate. It soaks into your subconscious mind and programmed it into the way the sigil is working off. The higher planes work primarily off thought and its these thoughts that travel into the sub planes to bring into fruit our desires.
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