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    Hey man.....I know, with your experience on the constrictor topic, and PE in probably get a ton of questions.....But, I hoped you didn't mind answering a couple for me. They're not dumb ones, at least I think, and I did search first! Lol. Hate when guys ask a basic question, that's been asked, and answered, a thousand times, in 100 different threads, just cause they didn't want to do a little digging........those are the ones not getting results IMHO....! Thank you!
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    I have a question about Tao Jelqs

    I have been thinking about doing erect Jelqs since it brings great Girth gains as some guys claim but I also want a bigger head as well. So are erect Jelqs the same as tao jelqs and will this technique not just help with a bigger glans but the penis shaft as well?
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    Can you send me links to a pumping routine you recommend for a pumper that has been pumping for 6months. I pump for fifteen min in the morning and evening, 7-10 hg for the a.m. Session and 5hg for the p.m. Session. Thanks.
  4. hi red

    you say you have a 7" girth do you have any pictures


    I just never seen 7" girth and would love to see what it looks like thats all.

    My main area im going for is girth and I was hoping to get to 6" I am currently 5" midshaft.

    Thanks mate and all the best
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    2 weeks have passed, where are you my dear friend?
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    How is everything my friend?
  7. Pm dld
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    RedZulu Hello i signed up for a membership back on 02/29/2012 and i haven't gotten a username and password my email is you think you can help out by giving me some info to shed some light why it might be taking so long
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    what did you do to get girth like that
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    Hi Red,

    Could I PM you? I've lurked on the forum on and off for a while, and need some help.. I want to order some PE equipment (Length Master & clamps) but has to be delivered to where I live (in the middle east). I just want someone to take personal charge of packaging & shipping (to a US address, from where it'll be forwarded to me) so that it can pass customs as hardware or exercise equipment etc.

    There is absolutely *NO* risk whatsoever involved for you (or whoever helps me) as far as I can see.. I just want someone trustworthy cos I'll obviously be paying them in advance for the equipment & I want to make sure whoever it is doesn't run off with my money or something LOL.
    I have, from your forum activity (and your signature), always regarded you as an upstanding guy with good principles, so I would prefer you to be the one to help me. (naturally I'll try to recompense you for your trouble in addition to equipment cost).

    Let me know if you can help me.. thanks!
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Last Night's Girth Session/Cable Clamp & Clamp Girth Exercise Pics.

by REDZULU2003 on 10-20-17 at 08:00 AM
Quote Originally Posted by ItsElectric View Post
The second pic is a basic horse440 with the clamp on.

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Great tips to use the bathmate

by REDZULU2003 on 05-01-12 at 08:38 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Captain.Thick View Post
Wow, this debate will never end will it ? My personal xp if that helps after 2 years of PE and 1 year and a half of BM :

- Gained a little in 7 months of Jelqing/stretching only (about +0,5" length/girth)
- Started using the BM only with the recommended standard usage for 6 months (20 min max, once a day, days off, entering flaccid). Did not see more gains from it(see below my opinion on that)
- Mixed BM and other techniques (clamping / SSJ, Jelqs) after that and started
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3rd party porn sites

by REDZULU2003 on 04-25-12 at 10:24 PM
Quote Originally Posted by REDZULU2003 View Post
Extensive list of 3rd party porn sites, streaming videos, forums etc. Majority are free of charge. This list is collected via the forums overtime and simply placed in one place for easy access versus several posts in a thread.

Both links have the same websites listed but the second link has the option to add your own sites or additional links. Browse to the bottom of the website in the 2nd link to see the tab about discussion.


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Anatomy of the Female arousal cycle Part 1 (Work in progress)

by REDZULU2003 on 04-17-12 at 08:10 PM
Quote Originally Posted by REDZULU2003 View Post

The clitoris is like a tiny button protruding from under the clitoral hood.

[CENTER]Diagram of Vagina (External)

As you can see, if you follow the labia minora up to where both sides meet, you will find the clitoris just above it. The clitoris is an extremely sensitive part of female anatomy and it is the most commonly stimulated location for aiding
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Hide from censorship using Tor and 3rd party plugins

by REDZULU2003 on 04-17-12 at 11:28 AM
Quote Originally Posted by REDZULU2003 View Post

Firstly you need TOR

Download Tor It supports Windows, Linux and Mac

Secondly you'll need obfsproxy which plugs into TOR

Download obfsproxy which also supports Windows, Linux and Mac

Third and lastly you will need SkypeMorph which is a plug-in for Obfsproxy

Download SkypeMorph which supports the usual 3

The reason this whole setup
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