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    Problems, has anyone ever ran into a issue like this.

    Hey guys, I was in bed last night woke up with a hard on from hell, and horny as all get out, I got the hard on to subside, but still had the urge, and no matter what I did, I could not go back to sleep. has anyone ever had anything like this.
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    She said I had a weapon of mass pleasure between my legs, and she can't get enough of it.

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    Re: Problems, has anyone ever ran into a issue like this.

    This will happen from time to time with a noFap diet I have rarely if ever had hard ons at night or wet dreams. Since I started the noFap challenge I am going through similar things. I had wet dreams twice in my last attempt at noFap and was waking up with erections constantly. Eventually I am told this will fade and no longer be so challenging. I was told that at the 90 day mark the chemistry in the brain has completely changed and that is why I made the challenge 90 days. Whenever we make a big change in our lives there will be water to get used to, always.

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