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    Thumbs up "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    I downloaded this old Penis Enlargement guide (copyright 1995! It's a classic!) that claims to be "ancient japanese techniques" for penis "building." Yeah, whatever. Anyway, it has some really good principles in it about PC muscle training. Here's an excerpt:

    Penis building, Samurai Style...
    I'm in Japan, home again, for the first time in
    more than 17 years.
    It's raining outside of the cab I've hired to take me
    through the hills of a city called Hyama.
    I'm to visit a person whom I understand is the master of an
    ancient form of martial art, not known to the West, or even to most
    of the East.
    As we pass people scurrying with their umbrellas,
    and turn the corner where a shrine shines with the rain,
    I wonder what I might find.
    The rain clears as we pull in front of an older looking home.
    The door is answered by a kindly bent old woman, who bows after
    I introduce myself & then she smiles while I sit on a bench in the
    foyer to remove my shoes & put on the offered slippers.
    She leads me to a sliding rice paper door, which she opens
    & I am greeted by an old man, who stood up from
    a cross legged position with the grace of a cat.
    I was taken aback by his remarkably strong & alert gaze.
    I bow respectfully after which he bade me sit at a low table.
    After over 30 minutes of tea & pleasantries,
    a must in Japanese society,
    I can no longer hold my curiosity and I inquire after for
    which I have traveled so far.
    At once, I felt I knew had made a huge mistake.
    My memory flashed the once forgotten knowledge
    of Japanese rule of the indirect.
    I had been away for far too long , for the Japanese
    would never be so impatient and direct.
    It is considered rude.
    He sat there motionlessly without speaking for what seemed
    like five minutes, reading my face before he kind of sighed
    in a disappointed manner, and finally spoke
    "This is a secret used for centuries by the Samurai, who believed
    in exercising all muscles of the human body.
    From under a floorboard, he produced a black lacquered box, and
    with a sparkle in his eyes, he said " This is the secret to youth !
    I can now at age 82 outlast you."
    With this, he proceeded to open the box which took a few
    minutes because it was a puzzle box that required a combination of
    sliding panels to be moved in a certain order.
    the box opened to reveal four disc shaped stones of various sizes,
    with holes in the middle.
    To tell you the truth, I was confused &
    not just a little disappointed.
    But after he explained, I understood completely.
    The stones were weights that were pushed over the head
    of the penis when it was flaccid, then as it swelled,
    the stone would stay in place & then be lifted by the muscles
    of the penis in reps,
    thus building & strengthening the middle erector muscle,
    the tube that runs along the bottom & center of the three tube
    muscles of the penis.
    As I examined the stones, I noticed the intricate erotic artwork
    carved on them, but more important, the weight of even the
    smallest stone was to me quite heavy.
    The stones according to him, were made in the 18th century
    and were unavailable today, unless I could convince someone
    to sell me theirs.
    However, try though I may, I was unable to even locate
    any of the stones, let alone purchase any.
    This led us to create a more modern & efficient version of doing
    the exercises & even creating a device that is three times as
    efficient as the original,
    but more on this later.
    These exercises were then combined with
    Secret exercise techniques called “Cow Milk” which
    would complete the building process.
    Not to be confused with masturbation, these
    advanced methods are the most effective form
    of manual manipulation for strength and size
    available in the world.
    Note: We use the term “Muscle”
    with regards to the penis.
    Some refute this as incorrect, however we
    know from many decades of experience,
    that certain tissues of the penis behaves,
    and reacts to exercise, in the same manner as muscle,
    so for lack of a better word, we will throw semantics
    We begin the building techniques on the next page,..

    DAY 1

    Basic beginner method for building the
    middle erector muscle.
    This first exercise is very basic, and in our
    opinion builds only the lifting or Angle of Erection
    muscles of the penis.
    If your erection is high, (lifts almost to the stomach)
    and you feel that you have no need for the basics,
    we would suggest that you still begin here,
    just to build a solid base
    for the more advanced techniques to follow,
    as well as to prevent future problems in this area.
    To start, no device is needed.
    The material you will need is a wash cloth, a bowl of water, & a
    lubricant. We would suggest some long lasting lubricant made for
    sexual purposes like K.Y. jelly (purchased at any large grocer) or if
    you are used to a certain oil or lotion,
    then by all means use it.
    First, find yourself a private room, where you won't be
    disturbed for at least thirty minutes.
    Now remove your clothes, & sit comfortably, knees apart,
    on the edge of a chair, or the edge of the bed with
    your feet planted firmly on the floor,
    so that your penis & testicles are hanging off, or stand if you wish.
    Now you must achieve an erection.
    If by chance you have difficulty in doing so, try to focus on a past
    situation, or fantasy that turns you on.
    Use any method you are currently used to achieve erection,
    including magazines or videos.
    If you are unable, we are working on methods
    to help you get there and remain.
    Write us.
    Once you are erect, take hold of the penis with one hand, palm
    facing down, with the head, nestled in the middle of your palm.
    Now push the penis as far down as you comfortably can
    & pause while you gather your thoughts
    think of the muscles in the penis, all along the shaft down to
    the parts that run all through to the anus, ... additionally,...
    squeeze gently the internal muscles that cut off the flow of urine,
    called the Pubococcygeus. (Correct Spelling)
    Since this is too difficult to pronounce, we call it the P.C. muscle.
    This last muscle is one of the most important muscles in your
    body for sexual purposes & will eventually when well developed,
    allow you to control ejaculation, to the point of maintaining that
    fantastic pre-orgasm state for as long as you wish.
    Okay now, still holding the penis, take a deep breath and hold
    it briefly for one second and exhale slowly through the mouth,
    making a Haaaa whisper sound as you pull
    in on the stomach muscles.
    Repeat this twice, and on the third one, resisting the effort
    slightly with the hand, attempt to lift the penis to the navel using
    only the muscles of the penis, the anus and especially the P.C.
    muscle, additionally, time your exhalation so it lasts the full effort.
    Do this three times,.. then remove you're hand from the penis &
    drape the washcloth over the penis.
    If the washcloth is not heavy enough, & does not weigh the penis
    down, then wet the cloth in the bowl or water,
    wring it if necessary & re-drape it.
    Take a deep breath as before, hold it one second, then as you
    exhale with the Haaaa sound, do two slow lifts of the towel with
    each lift lasting 5 seconds, so you are exhaling
    for 10 to 12 seconds.
    Now,... Take a two minute or so break & repeat the exercise
    for three more exhalations.
    Now you should masturbate to full orgasm, but try to make it
    last for as long as you can before you allow ejaculation,
    because your ultimate
    goal will be to last more than thirty minutes,
    so if you can, shoot for it now, but if you cannot,
    don't despair because you will reach that goal & beyond
    sooner than you think.
    Techniques to perfect delaying ejaculation will follow.
    This is all for the first day.
    However don't forget to exercise your P.C. muscles, use them to
    cut off the flow of urine, after which
    alternating to force the flow outward more forcefully.
    Do this several times during each and every urination.

    DAY 2

    Go back to your private space & allow for the same time for
    today's exercises repeat the steps;

    1. Use any method to achieve erection.

    2) Hold the penis with the palm facing down, &
    the head nestled in the middle of the palm.

    3. Practice the P.C. squeeze, the penis muscles & anus
    squeeze a few times.

    4) Take a deep breath, hold for one second then pull
    the stomach muscles
    in while you breathe slowly out through the mouth making the
    Haaaa whisper sound to a count of 10 seconds.

    5. Now drape the towel over the penis & perform the lifting
    exercises as you did on day one. The difference today is you will
    try & increase your sets to six exhalations or 12 five-second lifts.
    EXCELLENT,.. Now when you have completed this section,
    you can move on to the enlarging techniques,
    starting on the following page.
    The All Important "Cow Milk" Method.
    This next series of exercises will build a thickness
    to your organ.
    Keep in mind that the changes do not happen overnight,
    and in some cases months may pass, however do
    not give up!
    We cannot stress this enough, as different body types
    respond in different rates.
    One key to remember is that the longer it takes you
    to respond, the more dramatic and prolonged the
    improvements over time to where some men
    continue to achieve gains for years afterwards.
    Begin Thus,
    (Note: For some, better results can be seen if one
    takes a hot bath before, or during these exercises)
    Lubricate the penis with whatever lubricant you have on hand.
    (If in water, use soap)
    Rest for five minutes while maintaining erection
    by stroking slowly while relaxing.
    Then start squeezing quite strongly, the whole penis from base to
    tip, like farmers do, when milking a cow, also pull the head down
    toward the knees, as far down as you can.
    Use your fingers, especially the tips to rub
    deeply into your shaft.
    (If you feel any pain, Lesson the pressure.)
    Then push the penis through your hand with the same pressure.
    Do this with the right hand then the left hand, so that the fingers
    can massage both sides evenly.
    Spend at least ten minutes with each hand,
    more if you can.
    Then reverse your palm,
    so it is holding the upper side of the penis,
    and the fingers are wrapped tightly around the underside,..
    Then pull the hand down as close to the base of the penis as you
    can, the same time,... push the penis down, in small bounces,
    to stretch the ligaments that hold the penis to the pubic bone.
    Hold the position applying pressure and bouncing gently but
    firmly for a few minutes.
    (This is best done in hot water which will help relax
    the ligaments.)
    End the stretch with a milk squeeze out toward the head of the
    penis, and use the fingers to firmly massage the underside of the
    side tube from the altered position,
    Repeat this last step about twenty times
    with each hand.
    Okay now,
    Making sure your lubrication remains in full effect,
    Twist your wrist so the extended thumb can rub the
    underside of the Right or left tube,
    (depending on which hand you are using)
    and Pull outward, applying pressure along
    the whole length of the penis, squeezing with
    the whole hand,
    but putting an emphasis on the thumb.
    Now switch hands and repeat.
    Be sure to always end your pulls with a strong push of
    your penis back through a strong hand.
    Repeat all these exercises until you feel a
    good swelling.
    The Cow Milk, or Super-Jelq series of exercises
    are very important ,
    for not only will it increase blood flow to the penis & eventually
    size, & length,.. it will build a firm turgid toughness into your
    erection that's excellent for the thrusting techniques
    you will soon learn.
    So even though this if new to you, will take some getting used to
    as a form of masturbation, we implore you to do it until you are
    comfortable with it & we guarantee you won't be disappointed !!
    Now masturbate to orgasm, however use the cow milk techniques.
    Though we know some of you are tired, numb, or both,..
    try to last a full thirty minutes by doing moderate stimulation, only
    enough to remain erect, but not enough to boil over.
    The attempt is very important.
    Then this time at the point of orgasm squeeze your P.C. muscle &
    attempt to keep your ejaculate inside, you will not be able to at this
    point, but eventually you will, & one quick bonus is the effort will
    allow you to become sexually active a lot quicker than usual
    starting today!!
    Try later to get sexually aroused and see for yourself.
    " IMPORTANT,!!!! "
    Do not use your hand to attempt to squeeze the sperm inside
    because this can cause serious damage to your
    ejaculatory muscles !
    Very important, for those seeking additional gains.
    After your climax, and your erection has
    softened but not deflated, do, for as long as you can,
    additional cow milking, in all the various forms.
    This will aid as well, in your size growth, and eventually,
    will allow you to continue intercourse even after a
    zero control climax.
    However the point right now, is to take advantage of
    the semi-erect state, for stimulation of tissues which cannot
    be reached when fully erect.
    This is all for the day, skip a day or two between you're next
    session to allow the muscles to rebuild & remember use your P.C.
    muscles when urinating, both the stop flow & the force flow.

    Day 3
    This third day should follow a day or two of rest from
    day 2 session.
    This day we are going to practice on controlling the movement
    up and down the effort on order to gain from
    the negative resistance.
    Go through steps 1 through 4 as before,
    but on step 5 there's a difference.

    5. This time, there being a difference in the lift.
    Instead of doing two lifts on one exhalation,
    we need you to lift as before to the count of five but this time,
    control the drop of the weight to a count of five also.
    So it goes as so, lift 1 2 3 4 5, then descent control 1 2 3 4 5 .
    This will give you double benefit & muscle conditioning.
    Repeat this a total of 12 times then cow milk for
    at least 6 minutes.
    Now cow milk to orgasm once again & keep the 30 minutes in
    mind. Don't forget to squeeze as much of your ejaculate in as
    possible with the P.C. muscles only.
    This is all for the day.
    Please don't forget the P.C. squeeze & force flow when urinating.

    Day 4 & beyond,

    Pop open the bubbly, for Congratulations are in order !!
    Now you have learned the basic method for building
    & conditioning the external muscles on the middle tube
    which runs under the penis, & you have begun to gain
    mastery of the wondrous P.C. muscle !!
    All that remains is that you increase the resistance with more
    weight by using larger towels & more water
    & also the sets or exhalations
    as you gain in strength.
    Do the exercises at least 2 times a week.
    You will begin to see immediate & dramatic results not only in the
    strength & power of your erection, but also you will be more
    & able to regain desire & erection a lot quicker after orgasm.
    If you desire more masturbation or sexual activity,
    don't forget the cow milk technique.
    If you are with a partner, try to last the 30 minutes
    and attempt the
    P.C. squeeze on ejaculation.
    NOTE; ...there are two more muscle tubes on the penis
    that run along the left & right on top of the middle tube
    that can be built & conditioned in a different manner.
    There is a specialized
    device made for the purpose of advanced building
    all three tubes on the penis.
    If you are interested in maximizing your size & power,
    we will extend to you an offer of a generous discount in the
    purchase of this fantastic device !
    Read all about it at the end of this book.
    Internal muscle control has just been touched on & we will
    cover it in detail in the next chapter.
    Try to sort through the obvious BS because that's some great intense PC workouts. Real old school hardcore Penis Enlargement for those very few men who were dedicated enough to work at it.

    I've had this guide for several months now, but didn't mention it on the board because of all the BS the guide contains. But I think it bears mentioning because guys seem to not do any PC work at all. I remember when I first started Penis Enlargement about 4 years ago, EVERY Penis Enlargement site on the web would stress that PC work was the absolute most important element of a solid Penis Enlargement program. I think we tend to lose sight of that (myself included) because we're so focused on what will make our penises BIGGER that we forget HEALTH.

    The thing that made me remember this guide and decide to post about it was the other day, I downloaded a clip from a Peter North Penis Enlargement instruction video! I didn't know it existed. But the clip only contained PC stuff, and showed Peter North doing kegels with a book laid out on his penis. The video said you should work your way up to lifting towels! How many guys here can lift a full size bath towel with their penis? I could at one point, when I took PC training more seriously. My erections were much harder at that time too.

    BTW if anyone has the entire video and would be willing to make a copy (if it's a VHS or DVD) or email it to me (if it's on your computer), PLEASE PM me. It would be a great collector's item at the very least.

    ANYWAY! Just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. I plan on starting back on hardcore PC work again, starting tomorrow. Right now, it's time for bed.
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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Quote Originally Posted by 9cyclops9
    The thing that made me remember this guide and decide to post about it was the other day, I downloaded a clip from a Peter North Penis Enlargement instruction video! I didn't know it existed. But the clip only contained PC stuff, and showed Peter North doing kegels with a book laid out on his penis. The video said you should work your way up to lifting towels! How many guys here can lift a full size bath towel with their penis? I could at one point, when I took PC training more seriously. My erections were much harder at that time too.

    BTW if anyone has the entire video and would be willing to make a copy (if it's a VHS or DVD) or email it to me (if it's on your computer), PLEASE PM me. It would be a great collector's item at the very least.
    Wow. Thats fuckin amazing. I thought Peter North touted those stupid pills as responsible for his cumshots. Its good to hear that he actually spilled the beans and is telling people about his pc workouts. Hey Cyclops...If you ever get that video, could ya hook me up? thx dude

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    awesome! send it to me plz! :D

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    9cyclops9 Guest

    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises


    Guys this is more important than I think you realize. I'm sure DLD will attest to the importance of extensive PC work in his Penis Enlargement career.

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    oh it is, i've noticed my erection more full just after a couple days of doing pc exercises.. good shit, just don't over do it..

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    One thing that was mentioned was the breathing techniques. I think this is important and should be studied more.

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    i can lift a gallon of milk with my super strong PC muscle :D

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Quote Originally Posted by BeBobBox
    i can lift a gallon of milk with my super strong PC muscle :D
    are you kidding me!? if you really can, thats fricken insane!

    Not only can i lift a full size bath towel, but i can make it jump up and down, lol.

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    9cyclops9 Guest

    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Well look who's back after a 5 month hiatus. Good to see you Spektrum!

    And yeah he was joking. :D

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Awesome guide! 1995, that is crazy.
    Matters of Size


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    based on 11 Years of Research

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    Over 11 Years of Research, utilizing the most effective Penis Enlargement techniques!

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    9cyclops9 Guest

    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Yeah I know right! I barely even remember 1995. I was in the 5th grade! The 69Boyz/Quad City DJ's had just come out with the Tootsie Roll a year before, and it was still popular. The Macarena wasn't out yet. Coolio was still cool. He had just come out with Gangsta's Paradise. Yikes!! TLC was popular the first time! :D

    BeBobBox wasn't born for another year!! lol

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    This guide stumped my memory when I read it and made me remember before I started Penis Enlargement that I could bounce My dick and hit my belly with it, and after 6 months of Penis Enlargement and no kegels I tryed to do it.....IT HARDLY FUCKIN MOVED.....

    SO I been training my PC (not heavy at all) for the past week and in that tiny bit of time of kegels I can bounce my dick pretty well for the tiny bit of training.....
    And my CS has been filling up a bit more, that makes me real happy cuz thats the real reason ive been doing kegels

    One thing I dont understand about that guide is it tells you to do all your PC training while your erect.....And that obviously doesnt build your PC or else we would all have a massive PC right????
    She told me to give her nine inches and make it hurt. So I fucked her three times and punched her in the face.

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Well I think erect PC training would actually work the muscle more. It's much harder to do, for me at least. I think this would help the most with erection strength and hardness also.

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    For me when I am hard, I am flexing my PC muscle throughout, and every night when I have a morning wood, since Im too lazy to get up to piss, Il lay there sleeping for hours with a hard on, and every time im awake while this is occuring I can feel myself flexing my PC....

    SO i dont know, maybe my dicks just different or something but all I know is for the amount of time Im hard and flexing my PC, it isnt getting even a minute bit stronger.....but while doing a tiny bit of flaccid PC work, I can really feel the difference.....
    She told me to give her nine inches and make it hurt. So I fucked her three times and punched her in the face.

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    9cyclops9 Guest

    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Ah. It may be a natural reaction for you to clench your PC muscle when you get erect. This can lead to premature ejaculation for some guys. I know it did for me. If you don't have any pre-ejac problems then it obviously doesn't affect you, but if you do, check out the thread on pre-ejac in my sig. I'm able to control exactly when I want to cum now. Ever see Ron Jeremy do the countdown? I can do it too. :D

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Cyclops, what's the Ron Jeremy Countdown?

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    I saw Ron Jeremy do this thing (don't know if he still does it...don't watch porn anymore) with Tabitha Stevens where she counted down from 20 while he was banging her, then on zero he was supposed to pull out and shoot in her mouth. He did it right on time. And of course, Tabitha Stevens was ridicuously hot, as always. She was always my favorite. I can do that now too, but without Tabitha Stevens. :D

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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    I clicked on the PDF and read the first few pages. Looks intersting. Thanks for the contribution.

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    Talking Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Hi, I am new to penis enlargement. I never saw the need. I am 26 and no one has ever complained of my tool, though it is just average length and extra thick with a fat/mushroom head. Compared to the guys I used to jack off with anyway.

    What I am looking for a is an instructional DVD. I read the PDF that was attached (thanks) but frankly I am more motivated by videos... Well not porn, but actually seeing it done in color so I can know I'm doing the exercises right.

    The only talent that I have right now is that I tought myself to usually come 3 times per session/erection with a partner or solo. Any recommendations and links to a "cheap" DVD instructional video would be cool.

    I saw some online videos for sale/download but $40+ is too much for me, I'm in grad school and debt.
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    Re: "Zenno Jojido" and PC exercises

    Quote Originally Posted by guydesi
    Compared to the guys I used to jack off with anyway.
    Excuse me, but you mean to tell me that you used to get together with other guys and jack off???

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