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    Long Term effects

    Whats up fellas,

    I am thinking about starting up a beginner routine and was wondering if anyone has and knowledge or experience of the long term effects of these exercises. I have read many other articles by doctors who have said that the muscle that the penis is made out of is the type that cannot or should not be stretched. The point is I would rather have a six inch dong for the rest of my life than an 8 inch dong that breaks down when I turn 40, ya know. Any thoughts?


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    Re: Long Term effects

    I've never heard of long term problems, even from people who have done Penis Enlargement for many years. It may be bad to stretch smooth muscle, but gains come so slowly it seems that your body has more than enough time to adapt.

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    Re: Long Term effects

    Been doing pe for over 5 years and the only problems i have is some discoloration of the skin from hanging and clamping.

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    Re: Long Term effects

    I'm into my fourth year now. No problems for me either. Just a bigger, harder dick!!! Whooohoooo!!

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