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    Ball stretching benefits

    What are they? Will it make the base of my dick show more appearing to be bigger?

    Also women seem to like to play with guys' big dicks, so I was wondering if they also like your sack big as well.
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    Re: Ball stretching benefits

    well this may sound wierd but when im doing my stretching i always kinda push my balls in oposite direction after the stretch, i have no interest in some 'balls enlargemnt' but's like some instict reaction after stretching or something .....maybe i shouldn't be doing this...
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    Re: Ball stretching benefits

    Oh man, I get so horny when I stretch my balls. I think my horniness level has gone up since I have been ADBS (All Day Ball Stretching), or trying to ADBS. What I do is I attach my 1" ball stretcher from vacutech and then add two cable clamps underneath it to 3 clicks, this adds about a 2" stretch total which I can wear all day comfortably. I also then attach my vacuum chamber with leg strap and walk around, sit, and "hang" all day. This is a great turkey neck remover!

    Also, vacuum pumping helps to stretch out the scrotum. My girlfriend really likes this as my balls hang low and when I'm fucking her ass it always slaps her clit. When I'm fucking her pussy is always slaps her asshole. She loves the extra stimulation, and it's what really drives her over the edge. Also, it's great for me sexually because when I'm walking around with my homemade ball stretcher setup it makes me feel very horny and sexy. Something hot about stretching the balls. God and that stimulation from the pants really gets me going.

    Wearing a ball stretcher out with cockrings on a pumped up penis is also amazing. I went for a stroll on campus in some tight shorts with my 6.5" "flaccid" (thanks to two awesome jelly cockrings!) and my balls being stretched another 2" longer than normal. I had my cock down the left side and my balls down the right. It was like two obscene bulges at one time. I loved it! It really got me going.
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    Re: Ball stretching benefits

    When manually stretching my balls how long should the session be? Should I stretch the part thats closer to my ass like near the PC muscle too?
    Current: 7.25 x 6.0 NBPEL
    Goal: 8" x 6.5" NBPEL

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    Re: Ball stretching benefits

    I have one Steel Ball Stretching Weight of 200gr and I wear it all day and night without discomfort. Can I remove the turkey neck effect by using it and how long to use it?

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