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    Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    Hi all, I don't want a huge penis, just about 1.5 inches more than I have. Now, I am sort of undisciplined and I don't like jelqing. Do you think it is possible to gain 1.5 inches by just stretching, say in the morning and in the evening? Does stretching make my penis actually any smaller in girth?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    If you don't jelq you will get weak erections, for any gains to be realized their needs to be an increase in blood flow, this is what jelqing takes care of, as well as adding girth.

    So it's a must that you jelq everyday regardless if you like it or not.

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    Re: Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    Can Jelq be replaced by clamping for girth?

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    Re: Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    Jelqing is the bottom line. It all started with jelqing and it is by far the best way to start P.E. You will gain in girth and length with jelqing. Pandora is absolutely right. You need to get as much blood in there to expand that skin and tissue.

    Stretching is o.k but you really need to jelq whether you like it or not.
    P.E. is not a chore, but rather a celebration.

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    Re: Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    aw5k--The guys are on the mark. Jelqing is the basic foundation of P.E. You want to start out slow and build up. Become familiar with the exercise, you don't need to go full-force all out. Start with 25-50 jelqs, a few minutes time everyday for a week and add 25-50 more jelqs each week to your routine as the weeks go by. Learn to enjoy the benefits of it and you will have the desire for it and not want to miss a single day after awhile.

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    Re: Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    Thanks for your feedback guys.
    The thing is I'm circumcised and need dry jelqing - it's often just not convenient to get some lotion and do all the mess. Besides, I'm really happy with my girth. Just want some length.

    But ok, if jelqing really is a must, I'll have no choice.

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    Re: Want 1.5 inches gain - stretching ok?

    If you only want length then there is no reason to jelq (asside from the health benefits). Put together a demanding stretch routine and focus on what you want, length.

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