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    Changing erection angle and erection quality.

    Has anyone successfully changed their erection angle? I've laways had a very high EA, like 11:00 - 12:00 and so tight that I can't push it down. An angle this high makes it very hard for a ton of sexual positions, and uncomfortable for the ones that are semi doable.

    I've been slowly trying to work the angle down and have succeeded somewhat, I am able to push it down to just about horizontal now when fully erect but it does have a lot of force trying to push it back up to the 11:00ish position.

    I've also noticed something strange.. if I start getting erect and massage myself while holding my penis at horizontal or just below, I will never get close to fully erect, maybe 70%, BUT if I point my penis straight up to my face I get fully erect very quickly. It's as if my penis isn't allowing blood in if I hold it straight out.

    Has anyone worked on lowering erection angle? Anybody noticed if certain positions of the penis give differing erection quality?
    I'd like to be able to get rock hard straight out just like I can pointing straight up and also be able to have my penis point out when erect without me having to hold it there.

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    Re: Changing erection angle and erection quality.


    This thread may help you. Also look into the newbie routine and the kegel exercises.
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