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    Glans corona swelling/irritation

    I've been trying to stretch a lot lately, but it's been tough because of living in the dorms in college. Because of this I've mostly been doing piss stretches, which means stretching for a minute or two in varying directions everytime I go to the bathroom. I have tried Penis Enlargement off and on for years, sometimes warming up and sometimes not, and obviously not at all since college.

    My question to everyone is; no matter if I warm up or not, use latex gloves or not, use baby powder or not (in fact, it's worse with this), I ALWAYS get an irritated glans corona that becomes red and inflamed on the dorsal side. Then after I put my wiener away, it gets irritated and painful from rubbing on my pants after stretching. I've now even got a tiny permanent little white dot on my corona from stretching that only becomes less visible during an erection. Also a few red dots but I know those are not a long term concern.

    What can I do to solve this problem so I can stretch without worrying? I don't want to disfigure my good looking penis, nor do I want to stop stretching because I'm a man with a goal of a longer penis. Please chime in with any suggestions or help, and thank you in advance.

    P.S. I can't grip anywhere but right behind the glans or I just pull foreskin...I don't feel my ligs with any other grip

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    Re: Glans corona swelling/irritation

    I feel your pain with not having privacy. I was living in a situation like that 6 months ago for about 2 years. Since I found out about Penis Enlargement. I cant really give much advice about why your glans are hurting. I can give u my opinion and maybe that will help a little.

    But first heres an idea I wish I thought of 2 years ago. U dont need much more warming up than a few minutes of massaging your penis and some kegals to get blood flowing and relaxed. After a few moments Do one set of the Newbie stretches which only takes about 8-10 minutes. If u can do that 3 times throughout the day it can really really benefit you. Also do kegals when u can concentrate on it during the day. Try and get some jelqing done in the shower at least 300 a day. That could be as quick as 10mins or 30 mins. Youll get better with time.

    As for the pain u are experiencing Im thinking you may be pulling a bit too quick, too hard, too long, etc know what I mean. Take it slow and read as much as you can to learn how to stretch and not abuse your body. Your penis is sensitive and a vital part of your body.

    Also in your situation I definitely would invest in the Fast Size Extender from this site. You can wear it under you underwear and do homework in your room for hours. Also some cock rings for daily use, maybe some L-arginine or your choice of supplements such as the Titan pills.

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