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    Hey guys,

    Have you ever heard of trinitim?

    I saw a video of trinitim on MOS's youtube channel but nothing on the forum and it doesn't seem to have any reviews anywhere....

    They seem to use magnectif power and some kind of funky shit.... and I was wondering if everyone here used it because i'm so not sure of that product....

    anyone tested it?


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    Re: trinitim

    Well, i just googled this. Interesting concept with the use of magnets. But id be doubtful on how effective it really is.

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    Re: trinitim

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin_OZ View Post
    Well, i just googled this. Interesting concept with the use of magnets. But id be doubtful on how effective it really is.
    same thing here! that's why I'm wondering if anyone tried it..... it looks like a super gadget thing... and usually that isn't good... maybe I'm wrong though....

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    Re: trinitim

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin_OZ View Post
    Well, i just googled this. Interesting concept with the use of magnets. But id be doubtful on how effective it really is.
    You are correct, the use of magnets will have no effect on the body unless the magnets used are extremely powerful, in addition, a certain vibrational frequency would be necessary to make the strength of magnetism effective in physiological change. I know this with certainty as the Discoloration Device I have created works on every level promised, the biggest issue and the reason magnet therapy remains in the mysticism area is the exorbitant expense of the magnets needed. In my device the magnets alone cost more than $640! (8 magnets as $80 each). In addition, the housing used to hold the magnets needs to be made from acrylic and that expense is through the roof. WIth that said, magnetic therapy is only a reality under extreme circumstances.
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    Re: trinitim

    I have a Trinitim, I like it. it provides a hands free, stealth way to pull all day. I doubt it is as effective as heavy weights and likely not the only thing you would want to use. I use a hands free silicone leg attachment as well. I like this to mix things up. A few things you should know. Buy on Ebay and be patient. I spent $45 for mine after entering about 6 auctions. I have no idea if the magnets or tourmaline padding do anything at all....I am only concerned with the constant pull which it does provide. Parts of it break fairly easily. They have clips that detach if your pull torque is too much. They likely do this for safety reasons. These clips also break easily...but no matter. You just wrap them in duck tape and it works well. Also, the tourmaline padding rips easily if you pull it...but they give you about 5 of these. I've used mine for 5 months. I've fixed all clips with duck tape and actually really like it. Because it is hands free...this is the longest amount of time I have been able to dedicate to stretching. With manual stretching, the Trinitim, and silicone attachment with leg strap...I have actually made progress. I've Gone from 6.25 to 6.75 in about 6 months. The Trinitim is very easy once you get used to it and well hidden under pants. last thing...if you wear it for an hour or so...and take it off, the tourmaline padding hurts like an M- F-er. I It sticks to your skin like the most painful bandaid you have ever taken off. Easily fixed though by wearing a condom before putting it on. I just cut of the end so I can take a piss when needed. By the way...wearing a condom has another benefit for circumcised guys. The fact tht we have no foreskin...desensitizes your head/glans from it rubbing against your underwear and being exposed 24/7. Wearing a condom with shea butter on the head, gets your glans back to the smooth shiny state nature intended. Hope this helps.

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